So i've been farming points in the battle maison to exchange for competitive bred pokemon. I'm really just trying to

Hey i was just hoping someone could trade and trade back my kadabra real quick, obviously if you were trying to evolve someth

title, if you're not interested in that i have several breeding pairs i can offer, along with lucarionite.

Title, i currently have over 200 BP and gaining to spend on items. I also have either perf. 5 iv bred pokemon or breeding pai

Who else's heart sinks when they see kangaskhan in the team preview? when you don't have a sableye or anyone to take

Looking for timid natural cure staryu with 31/x/31/31/31/31 iv layout. i have to offer: 5 iv jolly thickfat/obvlivious swinu

title, i have boxes of 5iv swinubs all jolly with either thick fat or obvlious as well as stealth rock and icicle crash egg m

Hey guys i've been trying to breed rotoms with dittos, and i've had pretty lame luck getting past 3 ivs since the onl

Straight to the point, I need tyranitarite which is an x exclusive and am trading my aggronite which is a y exclusive.

hey guys, i have dittos in mine and i'm low on room so i'm only looking to add those with the before mentioned pokes,

title, also i'm willing to trade pokes for FC's if you're uninterested in a psychic one

Can someone just help me evolve a Trevanent please? i can give you a 4 iv klefki or ghastly in exchange for your services

Hey guys, i have a psychic safari with espurr, munna and girafirig. nothing amazing, but i do have some bred pokes id be will

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