The game was awesome and I can't wait 'til i get the second one. StarcraftBattleChest PC
I love it, but it makes my laptop run slow... can't wait 'til I get a new computer. WorldOfWarCraftWrathOfTheLichKing PC
It would be better if it had multiplayer, but otherwise, once you beat it, its completely boring. DRIV3R PS2
The games was easy to beat and the story was all too familiar. NeedForSpeedUndercover PS3
The cars are cool, but the overall gameplay is just frustrating. NeedForSpeedProStreet PC
Love playing this game on multiplayer, plus blowing hole in the walls. RedFaction2 PS2
Havent beat the game yet, but I love the whole turf wars effect. NeedForSpeedCarbon PS3
Everyones saying this one was better than its sequel, so if i cant put the sequel down, what will happen with this one? Mercenaries Xbox
I cannot put the game down, especially since I have nearly every vehicle in my stockpile. Mercenaries2WorldInFlames PS3

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