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Jun 16, 10 12:29am

Well, Nintendo announced the fifth generation of Pokemon. As of right now, they've announced twelve new Pokemon.
Zoroark was sort of awesome at first, but now it looks a little too fox-like for my taste. I'll stick with Vulpix and Ninetales. Zorua, however, is awesomely cute but oddly different from Zoroark, like Riolu and Phione.
The starters are Tsutaaja, the grass snake, Pokabu, the fire pig, and Mijumaru, the water weasel. Tsutaaja doesn't look like a snake at all, since it has arms and legs. Mijumaru looks even less like its animal counterpart, rather looking like a Piplup beta. Pokabu is the closest to animalism, but the name has got to change for the English version. Seriously, Pokabu? Sylabalize that: Pok-a-bu. Pok-e-mon. I can't be the ONLY person to notice this, right?
Chiramii is the new normal type common, I'm guessing, along with Ratatta, Sentret, Zigzagoon, and Bidoof.
Munna is the weirdest Pokemon I've ever seen, something between an egg and a pig. It doesn't really look much like a psychic, but rather a grass because of the flower patterns. Maybe it evolves into a grass type. Hmmm... Grass/Psychic...
Giaru (also called Gear) is one of my favorites, it's the newest multi-headed Pokemon, and it has Plus and Minus as its abilities, which were rolled up and tossed aside after Plusle and Minun. I'm glad they gave a new Pokemon them.
Mamepato is the new common bird, and is (finally) a pigeon.
Hihidaruma is... creepy. Just stare at it for a while, examine all it's features and you'll know what I mean.
Shimama is cool, an electric zebra.
Meguroko is also one of my favorites, because it has a (Correct me if I'm wrong) new type combination, Ground and Dark.
Finally, we have the box legendaries, Reshiram, the white Yang Pokemon and Zekrom, the black Yin Pokemon. They both have new type combinations, Reshiram being Dragon/Fire (Finally!) and Zekrom is Dragon/Electric. The types, in my opinion, could be switched; Zekrom looks like a fire type, and Reshiram looks like and electric type.
White Reshiram goes with Pokemon Black, and black Zekrom goes with Pokemon White. At first, I thought this was odd, (This was before they were announced as Yin/Yang Pokemon) then I thought Nintendo was going to do some Yin Yang thing with them (I was right). Problem with this is that if they did, they would have nothing to do for the third version. (After all, there's no gray when it comes to Yin and Yang) Could this finally be the generation where there is no third version?
Places: Huin city is massive. As for other areas seen in pictures, Isshu is overcome with nature. I have low expectations for the Isshu region.
Battles: So far, only single battles make a return. I haven't seen any evidence of double battles, but what I want are triple battles, or 3-on-3.
Music: The Rival battle music disappoints me. Maybe it's because I've been listening to GSC and RSE's rival battle music a lot, but I didn't think it was epic enough. Huin City's music sounds like a cross between HGSS's Goldenrod city and something from Colosseum or XD. The Wild Pokemon music is good.
People: The protagonists are more mature looking, possibly to get people to stop making fanfiction where the main character from starting their journey on their tenth birthday. That, or they want to direct towards a older audience. Either way, they look freaky. I thought everybody in Isshu would look something like this, but then came Professer Araragi, the first female professor. Actually, her name is Dr. Araragi, but I like professor better. I'm really excited about the new rival, hoping he (or possibly she) looks freaky like the protagonists.
Graphics: Overall, it looks just like Diamond and Pearl. I was hoping they would revamp the third generation's graphics for this generation, or do something like Pokemon Battle Revolution.
6/27/10 Update:
Five new Pokemon have been announced; I will cover these when I get more info. Also, 3-on-3 battles are in Black and White. I SO CALLED IT. Double Battles also make a return.
7/22/10 Update:
Fifteen new Pokemon have been revealed. I will cover the eight I know most about. Musharna is the evolved form of Munna, making Munna the first Pokemon revealed to have an evolved form. Next is Rankurusu, a green blob of a "amplification" Pokemon. This weird Pokemon is exclusive to Pokemon White. Likewise, Gochiruzeru, the "celestial body" Pokemon is exclusive to Black. Both Rankurusu and Gochiruzeru are psychic types. Oh, and same goes for Musharna. Koromori is a Psychic/Flying bat which is almost as weird-looking as Rankurusu. Kibago is the first non-psychic Pokemon, instead being a dragon type. It looks like Larvitar with a bread stick in its mouth. I predict that it will be the pseudo-legendary, like Dratini, Bagon, Beldum, Gible, and the aforementioned Larvitar. Minezumi is a normal-typed goffer on lookout. Wooguru is what I predict to be the final evolved form of Mamepato, the war eagle. Finally, there's Mamanbou (Also, Mamanboo) which is a heart-shaped fish. Hey...maybe it's a Luvdisc evolution! I'm kidding. Of course it looks like a Luvdisc evolution.
8/14/10 Update:
I had to do this eventually, so better now then never...
Minezumi has an evolution, named Miruhoggu. It's pretty freaky-looking up close. It's a normal type. Yawn!
Next is Gigaiasu, the High Pressure, rock type Pokemon.... umm...yeah...
Emonga is a flying squirrel Pokemon, Electric/Flying type. I think it's about time they have a non-legendary Pokemon with that type combination. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)
Mamanbou has been confirmed to be a Luvdisc evolution.
Possibly the most important of this update is Shikijika, a deer Pokemon that changes color with the seasons. This Pokemon came with the newest feature of B/W, seasons that change monthly. If that makes sense, let me tell you that Shikijika is a Normal/Grass type(Yes! Total number of new type combinations: 2!).
Next we have Swana, the...swan...Pokemon. It's a water and flying type. I find it boring.
Moguryu is a pure Ground type mole Pokemon...not a whole lot going on there.
Kurumiru. Kurumiru. Kurumiru. Kurumiru. I love that name! Anyway, Kurumiru is a Grass/Bug silkworm Pokemon. Kurumiru.
Doryuuzu may or may not be related to Moguryu, and we may never know (until September).
Darumakka is the pre-evolution of Hihidaruma and it's...kinda cute. Anything that hides its limbs in its fur is bound to be cute, right?
Finally, we have Victini, the victory Pokemon. It's an event legendary, like Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy, and Shaymin. What was the count for new type combinations again? 2? Well, bump that number up. Victini is a Fire/Psychic type!!!!

8/23/10 Update: Congratulations! Pokemon Black and Pokemon White have exceded over one million pre-orders, making them the fastest selling DS games in history! I'm so proud...Anyway, there's a new Pokemon called Yanappu, the grass monkey Pokemon, who, despite its name, is a pure grass type.

9/11/10 Update: Black and White come out in seven days! Lots of new Pokemon, too! Hiyappu and Baoppu are part of the monkey trio, along with Yanappu. Hiyappu is a water type, while Baoppu is a fire type.
Ononokusu was announced a couple of weeks ago, but it was nameless. Now I can tell you that it's the Jaw Horn Pokemon and a dragon type mantis.
Desukan is a ghost type coffin Pokemon. It was revealed with Ononokusu and Denchura, the bug/electric Taranula. That's cool.
Basurao is a water type piranha. It sorta looks like a robot fish, but since it's not a steel type, I can scratch that idea. It's got two formes depending on the version.
Tabunne...the healing Pokemon...normal type. It's...kind of hard to describe.
Monmen is a grass type cotton ball Pokemon. Pretty cool. Churine is the same as Monmen, only it's more like a bulb compared to Monmen's cloudlike form. Likewise, Churine is exclusive to White.
Tamagetake is a grass/poison mushroom. Something tells me this was one of the original Pokemon designed by Miyamoto back before they released the first games. Maybe it's the Pokeball design on its head.
Dangoro is the mantle Pokemon, a pure Rock type. Reminds me of something from Super Mario Galaxy.
Baffuron, the Headbutt bull Pokemon. Normal.
Choroneko is the Ill-natured cat Pokemon that sort of looks just like Glameow. Would be boring, but it's a dark type cat. How cool is that?
Yooterii is the puppy Pokemon, pure normal, sorta like a shih tsu.
Finally, the starters evolutions have been revealed. Janobii is the pure grass type snake, the evolution of Tsutaja. Chaobuu is the evolved form of Pokabu, the fire/fighting pig Pokemon. Finally is Futachimaru, the pure water weasel, the training Pokemon.
It has also been revealed that Pokabu's final evolution is also Fire/Fighting, while the other two's final evolved forms are pure Grass or Water.
While I can't tell you much else on other Pokemon revealed, because only there numbers and descriptions are revealed. I don't like the gray Pokemon being the third version legendary because, again, THERE IS NO GRAY WHEN IT COMES TO YIN/YANG. Well, that's all for now. The next time I update will probably be the day when Black and White come out in Japan, when I get a swarm of info. Until next time!

9/16/10 Update: All of the new Pokemon have finally been revealed, so my work here is done. You're welcome.

9/19/10 Update: Well, I'll keep updating every once in a while. Remember how I said Victini was the third Pokemon with a new typing? Well, there's a total of twenty new type combinations (21 if you count Psychic/Fire being different from Fire/Psychic) and Rotom's second type changes with its form. I have yet to figure out if it's the electric or ghost type that changes. Also, I'll eventually tell you all of the new types with the Pokemon (also, Pokemon Families) with the new type.

9/26/10 Update: It is the Ghost type that changes in Rotom's formes, making Heat Rotom, Cut Rotom, and Frost Rotom have new typings, bringing the total to 23. Also, nobody knows how to evolve Luvdisc into Mamanbou yet, suggesting that they're not related. Anyway, I was going to tell you all the Pokemon with new types.
First is Victini, Psychic/Fire.
Second is the Meguroko/Warubiru/Warubiaru family, all Ground/Dark.
Third, Zuruggu and Zuruzukin, Dark/Fighting. Hey, remember how I said Munna was wierd? I take it back.
Fourth, Shikijika and its evolved form Mebukijika, Normal/Grass. Mebukijika's forme changes are a lot more drastic than Shikijika's, by the way.
Fifth, Pururiru and Burungeru are Water/Ghost types.
Sixth, Bachuru/Denchura are Bug/Electric.
Seventh, Tesshiido and Nattorei are Grass/Steel.
Eighth, Hitomoshi, Ranpuraa, and Shandera are the Ghostly Candle/Lamp/Chandelier Pokemon, all Ghost/Fire types.
Ninth, Maggyo, a fish-like (Trap?) Pokemon that's Ground/Electric type. Quite possibly the weirdest Pokemon ever.
Tenth, Gobitto and Goruggo are the Ground/Ghost Golem Pokemon. I like these Pokemon, because they are the most like the mythical Golems out of all the golem Pokemon (Golem, Regirock, Registeel, Regice, Regigigas).
Eleventh, Komatana and Kirikizan, the Dark/Steel type Pokemon.
Twelveth, Monozu, Jiheddo, and Sazando, the pseudo-legendary hydra Pokemon, Dark/Dragon.
Thirteenth, Meraruba and Urugamosu, the Bug/Fire Pokemon.
Fourteenth, Terakion, one of the Fighting type trio. This one is Rock/Fighting.
Fifteenth, Torunerosu, the first of the Fighting trio. This one is not Fighting/Flying, the only remaining type not paired up with Flying. Which's a PURE FLYING TYPE!!!
Sixteenth and Seventeenth, Reshiram and Zekrom, Dragon/Fire and Dragon/Electric.
Eighteenth, Kyuremu, the before-mentioned Gray Dragon/Ice Pokemon. I doubt it will be the Gray in Yin/Yang, because Reshiram and Zekrom are the most powerful stat-wise Pokemon in the Isshu-dex, and this Pokemon doesn't come close to their's. It's classification is still unknown...which could mean anything...
Nineteenth, Meloetta is the Normal/Psychic Melody Pokemon. Before you say anything, it has a second forme that is Normal/Fighting.
Well, I must have miscounted, because that's it. Only nineteen new types. Twenty-two with Rotom's types.

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