Darkking ShadowJ
Feb 12, 10 5:35am

I'm just starting to use that image and wanted to get a chance to use. Also, hi! xD
mm01 ShadowJ
Oct 19, 09 10:38am
finally got around to signing. what do i say? do i talk about when i stole your credit cards? or crab and mines meaningful conversations? or how about those epic rants coog had. oh well. i guess i hit the maximum already. did i? i think i did. well im going to stop typing now. right....now. and now. and now.

and now.
Legardored ShadowJ
Oct 19, 09 3:16am
Dont forget to be sending me some German beer.. I guess I have to continue in saying good luck and keep yourself clean.. Oh aye I know an old story my father told me about his army days. Whenever you go to a bar, dont get to drunk as his friend did, one minute he was chatting with a barmaiden, the next thing he knew 9 months later she was knocking on his door with a child. He then noticed the the lovely barmaiden wasnt so lovely.. She hand alot of er.. Battle scars do thats a lil warning from me to you.
Kaitsith ShadowJ
Oct 18, 09 6:54am
I'm very sad to see you go, WHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

Anyway, good luck in the real world, have fun and come back to visit us, bye,
Dillion298 ShadowJ
Oct 18, 09 3:13am
....'Nuff said.

We're all gunna miss you back at the Oblivion forum SJ. You were always one to cheer everyone up, sparking arguments with your "PC rules over consoles. Period." discussion. Though, i never knew you that well, i knew you were always a great person. Everyone respected you, looked up to you, and were always happy to see you. Most of the time.... unless you were yelling at them for something...

Anyway, i wish you the best of luck in real life, and don't be afraid to drop by the forum every now and again to check up on everything.

No new mod can replace you.

Wishing you the best of luck,
DaeDrothMan ShadowJ
Oct 18, 09 2:38am
See yah SJ, you've been a good mod,padawan.

Remember that...
Lyonnais ShadowJ
Oct 18, 09 1:45am
I barely joined your forum, and now you're leaving?! All well I'll miss you despite how short my time may have been. You have been one of the better mods I've seen however in my short time here, and of course my lurking.

Wish you the best of luck in your new job, and I hope you can get back to neo every now and again so I can learn more about you.

Good day chap.
Golden Inferno ShadowJ
Oct 17, 09 9:23pm
Sorry, I'm really tired atm so I can't say a long parting speech. But come on whenever you can and annoy the crap out of sky.
skythelegend ShadowJ
Oct 17, 09 8:26pm
We'll miss you in the forums, without you it just won't be the same, I'm actually surprised that I'm the first member to do this, I thought by now your guestbook would be full of tearful goodbyes.

I hope the 2000000 gamers you're now working with appreciate who they have as an administrator and remember to always watch out for pedos.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to find a nice quiet corner to cry in.
elder rose ShadowJ
Jul 1, 09 11:49pm
waz up from elder rose.
wow,united kingdom?, thats so cool!!
i always wanted to travel the world,
but not with the price of gas these days.
i'm stuck in the usa.(tear)

if you have the time, sign my guestbook?
i'm lonely,(snicker, just kidding just really bored.)(yawn)
Wood Elf96 ShadowJ
Apr 21, 09 5:28am
yo, im kinda new here and ive seen your name a lot. guess your like, famous, thats pretty cool. OK, so, mabey you could add me to your friends list. Later!
X Jake X ShadowJ
Mar 30, 09 10:09am
I still remember you helping me on the Morrowind forums back in 2004, back when I had a different user name. Who was the name of that one girl who had gotten her character to level 1000 something?

Anyway, saying thanks for the help you gave me back in my Morrowind days.
Harvest Moon girl ShadowJ
Dec 26, 08 10:39am

I don't know how often you check these or if you do at all, but I just wanted to stop by and wish you a merry Christmas. If you're Christian, that is. If you happen to be Jewish, Muslim, an Atheist, practice a different faith, or are simply a grinch, well, I hope you have happy holidays or, if you'd prefer, I hope you have a satisfactory, non-denominational capitalist wintertime gift-giving season!

You've always been kind enough to leave a comment whenever I write blog posts, so I thought to return the favor by leaving a holiday entry! It's a pity that so many of both the new seekers and the old ones have completely forgotten about the joys of signing guestbooks. I hope that you had a jolly good Christmas and wish you the very best for 2009.


Marooned Chic ShadowJ
Dec 21, 08 12:23am

Should I scoot in closer so that we'd be close friends? Ha-ha.
Time flies so fast, my second christmas on neo is better than the first though..but why am I talking about those anyway?
Aha, I learned to prolong sentences because you taught me how. But the sole reason why I'm here is just to greet you a Merry Christmas.
You're such an awesome roleplayer, I'm no doubt, a fan.
And I just want to tell you that this is my longest GB signing ever.
Warm winter moon wishes. ^^

Distortion ShadowJ
Nov 29, 08 1:57pm
Hello fellow Shadow. Just thought I'd come and give your Guestbook a signing.

Tis old, but it works. See you around, man, and may the confusion continue as long as people use the word "shadow"!
Guezz whoez back ShadowJ
Nov 29, 08 10:50am
Hey man, I was never a fan of gb signing, but since everyone jumped the bandwagon, I thought I 'd go sign a few gbs here and there.

AznJerzyGirl ShadowJ
Nov 29, 08 10:03am
I'm sorry my guestbook signing isn't as cool as the one beneath me. I don't have a cool spinny text decoration ... but it still counts! So yeah, take care. I'll sign again when I come up with a cool stamp.
Darkking ShadowJ
Nov 29, 08 10:02am
*from the shadows*
Hi shadow! Helping breaking the guestbook signing back into neo
TurMoiL911 ShadowJ
Nov 29, 08 9:47am


Akensai ShadowJ
Oct 30, 08 7:57pm
How goes it SJ, it's been a few years.
Every now and then when I look at neoseeker, I see you. Active much?

Fallout 3 was a let down.
Marooned Chic ShadowJ
Oct 24, 08 11:48pm
Thank you for the writing lessons.
Hope to see you around more in the RP forums...
(what did you just say? Oh right, I was the one who's always lost. )

daedraman ShadowJ
Oct 17, 08 9:24am
i hath signed
i payeth obiesance to the mod
hehe dont trip
shadowj's shadow has been illumined by the lord of daedra
dont think i can help ya w/ anything, but if so... im here... physically...

Loki Godsking ShadowJ
Jun 5, 08 9:49am
Yes very funny (your real name)
ha ha ha ha, ho ho he he he...
Hugh G Rection, Well must admit never seen that one before, ha hah ah ha...
anybody else picked you up on that yet?
ha ha ha...hee hee hee

I ah, hope your parents weren't that cruel... were they?
Sorry I just had to laugh...
Aya Chan ShadowJ
Mar 8, 08 1:57pm
Your vicious cat pwns the heck out of mine.

She's just fat and lazy!

Oh, and what are you talking about you crazy person? It's only 9:57 PM!
Malfurax45 ShadowJ
Sep 17, 07 10:51pm
keep it up man... , again im sorry for being such a pain in the ass before (1-2 years ago) but anyhoo have fun and keep people informed about Morrowind