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Jul 12, 12 3:00am

Who are the four idiots?
The four idiots are a group of friends that share a common hobby, gaming.The group consists of Salvenius aka “The Dwarf”, Cogrock aka “The Yeti”, Christophicuss aka “Spudders” and finally DrRodders aka “The Doctor”.

What do the four idiots do?
We create funny videos based upon various co-operative video games and of course possibly more things in the future.

How did you come up with “the four idiots”?
We play a lot of games together, this means finding 2-4 player games. As you can imagine, many things happen or are said during these sessions, which one day one of us saw something funny and the reply was “Why didn’t we record that?”. From there we agreed to record certain playthroughs of games and upload them for others to enjoy

How do the four idiots differ from other such creators?
With our videos, “what you see is what you get” with us. We are a close group of friends with a huge and weird sense of humour, we aim to provide funny playthroughs of games like you’ve never seen before.

Do you always act like that?
Amongst ourselves, yes, in other words we literally play like we record, we curse, insult and even rage when playing games but it’s always done in the comfort of our own private chats. We have been raised to be polite to strangers and to have manners in public, both online and offline.

What projects do you have in mind for the four idiots?
Currently we are wanting to get through 4 player co-op games, especially since developers have been adding the feature into more and more games within recent years. However since others may have things to do now and then, you may find some other games popping up, such as Salvenius and Cogrock teaming up for some Sniper Elite V2 action.

What platforms will you be playing on?
PC and Xbox 360 and no, it’s unlikely we will be doing other platforms.

Can we suggest games for you to play?
Of course! It’s always great to be able to take viewer suggestions but do bear in mind some of us may not have the games you suggest. We do have a document that gives us an idea of the games we each have but if one of us doesn’t have a game then it is up to that person if they want to get it.

If you wish to suggest games or even feedback, just send us a message to our youtube channel:

What programs and hardware do you use?
360 Gameplay (Salvenius) - I use a Blackmagic Desgin Intensity capture card (It is now a legacy product meaning they have a newer version called Intensity Pro) from there I use Blackmagic Media Express v1 to bring the 360 screen onto my PC then tweak Dxtory to record. For editing I use Sony Vegas 9

PC Gameplay - Mostly DrRodders or Cogrock will record gameplay, they use Dxtory and edit with Sony Vegas 10

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Jul 10, 12 8:25am

So if you may have noticed. My blog has been wiped, this was due to an attempt to leave Neoseeker as I have grown apart from it as of late, however as usual, it pulls me back.

Neoseeker is part of my life and has been for 9 years or so. It also centre of my main hobby and career, gaming. So yeah looks like Neo and myself will be staying.

So what will be happening?

Well myself and some friends have started our own gaming youtube channel, which got me thinking about this little blog spot would be perfect for posting news and updates about the channel as we progress but yes, more news on that in a separate blog post.

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Apr 17, 11 2:34am

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Apr 15, 11 1:05am

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The cops and street racers of Seacrest County play a dangerous game of cat 'n' mouse...

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Jun 22, 10 5:53am

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Apr 14, 10 2:18am
I has 360, add me as Salvenius
Mar 23, 10 2:26am
Lord of Ultima is in Open Beta
Jan 14, 10 6:02pm
BC2 PC Beta Jan 28th
Nov 21, 09 7:06am
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