Last 10 Threads started by ShadowCrystallux
Patch 4.3! 15 Feb 26, 2014
Some Olympians Also Love League! 0 Feb 13, 2014
Winter Olympics Skins Available Now! 4 Feb 07, 2014
Replacement Supports for Annie 11 Feb 02, 2014
ricklessabandon on Proposed Miss Fortune Changes! 5 Jan 26, 2014
EU LCS Infographic: Week 1! 1 Jan 20, 2014
C9 Got Stomped by DIG 4 Jan 20, 2014
Never Taunt an Ali, He'll...Bomb You! 1 Jan 15, 2014
Patch 4.1 Notes! 8 Jan 14, 2014
Magna Chamber Project Halted After Poor Showdown Results 11 Jan 13, 2014
Last 10 Threads in which ShadowCrystallux participated
Your Favorite Song 20 Apr 23, 2014
Braum, the Heart of the Freljord, revealed as League of Legends' upcoming brawling support 9 Apr 22, 2014
Dual Heal Bot Lanes 9 Apr 21, 2014
Dual Heal Bot Lanes 9 Apr 20, 2014
League of Legends bids URF Mode farewell because April Fools' passed, Riot promises it will return 3 Apr 20, 2014
Making Friends 27 Apr 07, 2014
What happens when you die? 28 Apr 07, 2014
what age did you lose your virginity 119 Apr 06, 2014
Hurt & Heal for LoL champs! 206 Apr 05, 2014
The Ultimate Deathmatch 104 Apr 04, 2014
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