The Divergent Series <3

Hey guys, so I was just kind of wondering what ideas everyone else has for these featured game modes? I've loved just abo

I forgot how much fun The Sims 2 is. From building a character to building a business chain, it's great :D!

Link! All of these support changes are interesting, I'll definitely be trying them out a bit before deciding on how go

Link! --Quote-- With over 67 million people playing League of Legends worldwide per month, it shouldn’t come as a

Link! I'm really excited about being able to buy Team Spirit Anivia, and I know @BluAnimal is very excited about a ver

So, Riot knows Annie's skewing the support meta by quite a bit at the moment (comparable to Kassadin and the mid meta, ex

Thread Link! I have taken the main points out of the thread and put them here though: --Quote ricklessabandon-- * miss FNC have done q

Link! I heard about it, didn't believe it until I saw the results. 15k gold is a big difference O.o Thoughts? :laugh:

Link! Just highlighting a few bits: * Nerfs to Riven, Shyvana, Rengar, Nasus, Jinx, and Annie's Early Game * Buffs

Link! Basically, the Showdown game mode wasn't really played a whole lot in the world, and Riot have decided to pull t

Mega Absol is just fabulous.
My friend code for my 3DS is 3067-6210-7522. Finally worked out how to use it xD

Link! So, as we all know, C9 dominated on the NA server, and then got their asses kicked by FNC, to be blunt. Now C9 have

Link! I heard about LD not doing all too well as of late, I didn't expect that they'd get kicked out for not submi

Link! I was actually kinda surprised about the Kassadin revert, probably means they're looking for new directions with

This summer is so nice, not even that hot for once

Link! Whilst the worst of it is over, there are still many issues across the three servers, according to the source. In ot


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