There is an Older Thread about this, but considering it's been a year since the last post and opinions might have changed

Way more fun than I thought it would be. I didn't think I'd enjoy the wonky controls so much, but they work well wit

Well, I finally got around to it. It was definitely more eerie than Gone Home, to be sure. Gone Home couldn't net you a So, discuss! What we know or can

Only played the game for an hour or two. So far I like it well enough, though I'm getting used to the controls. Wish my

I haven't confirmed it, but I got an e-mail claiming to be from USPS, but in reality it was from a BS russian Address. H

I decided to update some of my Neohome as I hadn't done it in ages. It's kind of broken now. The image map on the

I think this problem is specific to people who have mod/hidden forums pinned, but lose access to those places (I have, since

Yeah, I want advice on this. I just want something that can get a pretty close shave for a reasonable price and won't we

Some tags lead to a dead link. Zeus for example. You can see Here that there is apparently an image with that tag, but wh

_ESO UI | Curse Gamesradar List_ Apparently people can mod this game in a limited fashion. Not server end of course, b

This has been present for a while, but I never got around to making a report about it >_> Certain activity updates,

I read that not only will defeated enemies float away, but gear might also? I'm hoping it doesn't, because I can s

You can get it (On PC) via Green Man Gaming. Last I checked, it wasn't out on steam direct yet. We'll still have to

Since this is a pre-sequel, I'm wondering if one or more of the old manufacturers will make a return? Probably not, but

We have already seen Athena the Gladiator a bit. But the others are something of a question mark at the moment. You can mak

Seems like it WILL be required to breath. I could have sworn that I read it wasn't actually used for that (just powering

Yep, I'm a regular in the BL forums because...BORDERLANDS IS AWESOME. Looking forward to this sequel-prequel thing. L

Since Jewelry crafting isn't a thing (yet at least), I need a place in TESO to either Buy or Find Jewelry. A number of m

_BL2 Prequel? IGN Link_ --Quote Gamepoints Now Article-- Borderlands is back, and this time its going to the moon with Bo

Say hullo, you billys and nanas! I grabbed this game because it did look pretty fun, and it is. Looking forward to future

I think this is something of an oversight. They allow you to craft weapons, armor, shields, clothing, potions, and enchantin

Bog-standard intro thread this is. Oldie but a goodie. Shadow here. @Cain_Kousei_69 informed me about this game being on

Your go-to place for TESO screenshots. Post your best screens, why don't you? I'd suggest putting them in spoiler

I can't beat this boss. I try and I try, but there are a couple of problems 1 - Sometimes the healing/soul orbs spawn

I've not played too far into this yet, though I did play the beta a while back (I've not gotten that far yet). I cho