I've only played the game for a little while, but considering my rig (i7 950 3.07GHz Quad core hyperthreaded, GTX 570 wit

_PC Gamer Article ModDB Page_ --Quote Excerpt-- Enderal: The Shards of Order, SureAI’s upcoming Skyrim total conver

_Action Skill_ _Effect:_ It would 'mark' a specific target, altering their 'fate'. It would make it much e

Haven't actually beaten him yet. First time I fought him I died failing to second wind, second time I fought him he glit

Not that anyone will likely see this anytime soon, but I got this game in preparation for Awakened Fate Ultimatum (the sequel

_Gearbox Reveals Borderlands TPS's 4th DLC + Upgrade Pack 2_ _March 24th in North America, March 27th Internationally_

OK, so I've spammed the Final Super Training ("Battle for the Best" or whatever it is) to try and get PPMax but

I don't normally bother with IVs though I do super train (as opposed to EV train, which I don't bother with as it&

So I heard Modest was for +Special -Attack, which is good as I planned to make my Milotic a special attacker, but when I fina

_Net Neutrality Wins (Hopefully) The FCC will Seek to Reclassify the Internet as a Utility_ "The internet must be fast

Played until I was halfway through level 7. So far she seems decent. In fact, coincidence or not, I killed Flame Knuckle (t

IGN Link. Well, PAX South has already been good to Borderlands fans, as Randy Pitchford teases that they'll be unveili

Are there any games you wish were on a certain system, but aren't for some reason or another? I've long wished tha

_https://p.gr-assets.com/200x200/scale/books/1313510552/12382340.jpg Ready Player One Wikipedia Page_ "It's the y

I find myself changing it more often now, ever since I found out that N+ users get 100x100 pixel limit. It may not stick aro

Do you play them at all? They your main gaming fix? Or are you staunching anti 'casual'? I don't bother with

The geek/nerd closet that is. Why? What did you think I was referring to? Supposing you're a nerd and/or geek (and o

http://img1.gamersky.com/image2014/12/20141208cks_4/gamersky_04origin_07_201412810291EC.jpg _Kotaku Link More Information (

_Gamesradar Link_ Gamesradar talks about the Jack DLC also, but that's already out. So the next pack will not only le

_Humble Bundle Expires: Wednesday, December 10th, 1400 EST_ You'll get fewer than the full 50 comics if you don't

CLICK_ --Quote How To-- To try out Broadcasting now, both you and your friends need to opt into the Steam Client Beta. In

If you check my avatar size, it will say that it is 405.64KB. Neo's limits are set to 350KB, and the uploaded size was 2

Being an open world Action/FPS game, one must expect weird, and sometimes funny things to happen. Well, this happened in m

Shadow here. I've been a long time player of the Disgaea games, and own all the North American releases (Home console an

I haven't played long. I'm only level 6, so the only thing I can really comment on is the action skill in its raw st

CDs have stuck around for a long time, in modern tech terms. People are still buying and selling them. Some people still ar

_Article Link_ --Quote Excerpt - Action Skill Effect-- Handsome Jack’s clone is The Doppelganger class who can summo

Well, I failed to get a Legendary in a vendor, and it looked like one I would have really liked. I like the Gatling type ARs