Well, I failed to get a Legendary in a vendor, and it looked like one I would have really liked. I like the Gatling type ARs

So yeah, a thread devoted to posting the days finds. Find something awesome? A rare drop? Even just something that looked

I've played the game a bit over two hours now, as Nisha (I think I hit level 7?). So far it seems about what you'd e

I do gaming videos on occasion, and started a LP of Suikoden III and I'll probably replay IV and maybe V eventually (thou

I got this e-mail from Steam: --Quote E-mail-- Dear Steam User, Steam will soon be priced in Canadian Dollar! If y

_Main Downloads List ^Scroll down a bit^ Claptrap | Wilhelm | Athena | Nisha Handsome Jack | Moxxi Angel (BL2) | Scav | J

My game just crashed. It was at about the worst possible time too. I'd just been reverse pirating and done rather well.

Bog standard intro thread is bogged down in standard-ness. Backed it on Kickstarter, and I played the Alpha earlier today.

_ThePreSequel | Kharamell's_ I only know of these two. Currently I"m sticking with the former (ThePreSequel). I

I cleaned out my computer a couple/few weeks ago and an odd problem occurred. BIOS reset (apparently the onboard battery dep

http://i.neoseeker.com/mgv/60953/953/44/disgaea_5_bannerH3wAX.png _News Article_ http://i.neoseeker.com/mgv/60953/953/95/

My friend @Cain_Kousei_69 and I have a tentative plan for him to move up from rural USA to Southern Ontario, and live with me

Longtime Disgaea Fan. Just got the PSV version a few days ago. So yeah, say hullo here! Notifying some of the old crow

Got this game in the mail a few days ago. Imported it from NISA in order to get the Limited Edition (which comes with Keycha

Ridiculous scene and Sapphy's over the top reactions XD Does have naughty language >_>

_Amazon.Com Link_ No image is currently available though. I'm not sure if the release date had already been announc

There is an Older Thread about this, but considering it's been a year since the last post and opinions might have changed

Way more fun than I thought it would be. I didn't think I'd enjoy the wonky controls so much, but they work well wit

Well, I finally got around to it. It was definitely more eerie than Gone Home, to be sure. Gone Home couldn't net you a

http://i.neoseeker.com/mgv/60953/953/97/bl_presequel_legendarybanditgun_fulliSD62.jpg So, discuss! What we know or can