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quote Shadow of Death
Also, I can't be the only one to notice that his [Brendan O'Conner] position abbreviates to...
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quote Shadow of Death
About his comment "EA saying physical game sales don't matter is like Best Buy saying...
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quote Shadow of Death
Oh good, PC at time of release. I hope it'll be on steam day one! I liked the second pretty...
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I can already say "My name is D-R-A-C-O. Who're you?" and "How old are you?" and "I'm a student." and all that jazz.... read more

I'm pretty good at signing. My teacher says the class is at the level of a two year old. Which is pretty good,... read more

Yep! *signs "I-you-love"* :3

YAY! COOKIE! *nibbles on it* read more

Those "extra" words aren't used in ASL. In fact, a proper ASL sentence would be-

Time, topic, locative, action.

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Does the dictionary have signs for the and to and those words? Cause if it does (so I'm told by my ASL teacher, who... read more

*puts her signing hand in a fist on her opposite shoulder* Atitude. *puts her signing hand in a fist in the middle... read more

Als (real name- Ali) is the bully girl's twin sister, and my best friend. :3

I'm sick of Justin Beaver!

It's really... read more

We've (me and Als) have always been curious about the outside world beyond Minnesota and Wisconsin. But she wanted... read more

TO CANADA OR BUST! Destination? I believe it was Ontario. Parental consent? Unknown yet! read more

CJ and me are close, too. And she's my friend. We make jokes that we stalk each other. The reality is, we're just... read more

Cupcake and I are just really close. CJ, on the other hand, is my other twin awesome bestie stalkee. <3 read more

Nah. We're different in looks but alike in personality, Cupcake and I.... CJ is my awesome bestie twin stalkee.... x3 read more

Her username isn't Cupcake! That's her nickname! Mine's Dotty.Her username is beatlesluver and she's my irl twin! read more

Not for me. x3 I listen to those types of songs all the time!

Damn it! Cupcake's not texting back..... :/ read more

I like "Scream With Me" by Mudvayne. <33333

Stand in the corner and scream with me... A body full of empty, a head... read more

Lyrics (some of em)-

Hey kids! Do I have your attention?
I know the way you've been living
(life so reckless, tragity... read more