I think I know that one! <33333 If the song I'm thinking of is correct, I love that one! Though "Welcome to the... read more

lol.... I loves the rock/metal/grunge/punk genres.... I currently have "Smooth Criminal" by Alien Ant Farm stuck in... read more

quote Shadow of Death
....He seems a bit overpowered. Of course, I don't think too many characters have been...
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Even watches have 3G! But really it isn't necessary, I mean I suppose it's good for online gaming on the road...
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No but everything that uses 3G has always had a price tag from the start, cellphones, laptops, kindles and other... read more

How would that work? The 3G us being provided by a different company, and those companies are tight asses from what... read more

I doubt I'll use any of that. I'll probably just turn it off. I'd only use the tilting or touch screen for Loco... read more

Daily trivia of the day: music or portions of music without vocals are called instrumentals.... read more

yea they definitely couldve done more... games are my life for the most part but there have to be a lot of sly fans... read more

Good few got it during the sale. I'm not sure if there's a way to check group ownership of titles like it is with... read more

And the reason it seemed like ages ago to me was because I'm still at school, where everything is different, but not... read more

Ha, I remember you from the inFamous forum, back when I was an even more annoying newbie. That seemed like ages ago. read more

Ugh, Chrono Cross was so terrible. If they're going to release another Chrono game I would hope it would be more... read more


Checked their trademark logs and there's nothing new that has no or little info about it. I'm hoping they... read more

Let me rephrase that then. They said 'core' gaming, not casual gamers with bad taste in ARPGs. read more

They said 'core' gaming, not every 10-13 year old kid.

Metacritic is like using wikipedia, for the most part it's a... read more

It's not like it's the first time ATI has had more discrete gpu market share than... read more

Heh, the title made think there was going to be a Smallville game read more

I hate you so much for changing your name and *bleep*ing with my head. read more