Speaking of SHADOW of DEATH you
remind me of my Manga i`m creating:"Shadow Search"somethimes its just hilarious!!!!!!!!

If you want i could say some of the storyline!!!!

Remind me,Leo!!!
doooood. disgaea rocks. lol. like me.
he thnx for being the most helpful to me on borderlands helped alot.... especially killing the destroyer..... dont forget to sign my guestbook XD haha lols.... thnx anyways

-RatedRVper (RVP)
Hey! I was just stumbling around your profile when I came to the guestbook signing page. I wasn't going to sign, but then I saw the Welcome & Instructions: "Hey, you came this far, you might as well sign eh?"

So I thought, what the hell.

Hi Talltee-I mean Shadow of Death!

Man, without you, my future baby would be dead. My future husband and I thank you - really. Baby Quierta is gonna be the happiest little *bleep*er ever. Fed only with arrowroot cookies. I'll make them myself - with real arrow heads!

You learn something new every day - today I learned how to properly arrow my baby. Thank you <3

I have no stamp so you can have this dragon that I drew.

    Moderators are cool! Duh!

    Why am I signing this? I don't know, maybe cos I've never signed one before; you should be honored!

    One day I too hope to be a moderator... *Looks up at the stars wistfully*


    I tried to draw a Triforce with ACSII art, but it failed so, bye!

You're a cool guy in loungin', and you saved my,"Whats the Last Movie you Watched" thread. So sign my guestbook back if you want.
I'm signing your guest book!!

Look. This rocks! You rock! I can't believe I haven't signed this yet.


I don't know how often you check these or if you do at all, but I just wanted to stop by and wish you a merry Christmas. If you're Christian, that is. If you happen to be Jewish, Muslim, an Atheist, practice a different faith, or are simply a grinch, well, I hope you have happy holidays or, if you'd prefer, I hope you have a satisfactory, non-denominational capitalist wintertime gift-giving season!

Merry Christmas and a happy belated 22nd birthday!

Best wishes for 2009!

Thanks for the signing, I shall sign back since I am nice and have come to know that you are also quite a nice tall teen too

You'll get your computer built in no time .
Hope you have a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year, tallteen!

Merry Christmas

I am signing you.

Hello tall teen 86. You are older than me and not even a teen any more, bummer =(

Have this:

It's a Willow, your very own!


Thanks for the Guest Book Sign Sensei

Yeah we Do have a lots of PMs huh?

i thought on returning the favor, but it seem you don't need, since you have so many!

you were the first to sign my Guestbook

i didnt even know i had one

and from your Biography, i swear i wont do nothing to Etna!

Cya Sensei
Heya stalkteen!!! Thanks for the GB signing with that pretty stamp . I didn't even realize that i've signed urs before!!

Hmmm my room?? Why thank you... Your room is very nicely decorated too btw, esp with those cookie decorations and those mysterious bottles of liquid nitrogen.

Anyway here's a stamp too. It's nowhere near as good as yours but i hope you'll like it anyway. What do you know, its another Squinoa!!!

Hi dad, well I am glad I can talk to you again. I missed you. I am lucky to be your neo-daughter. I will be seeing you around.

Much love,
Hi! It's been a while since we talked, huh?
Anyway, just dropping by to sign.
Sorry if my stamp is way ugly. Lolx.

Hope we can be better friends! XD
Thought I'd sign your guestbook due to our long discussions of Sword of Truth!
Hopefully more people will come to the forum.
Anyway, nice talking to you and see you around.
Here. A stamp.

You'll be good with some carrots!

You better sign me back >.>
thanks alot you are my first friend on neoseeker thank you very much PS you rockalso you have helped me alot on disgea one and two also I have been reading the manga alot to

I've seen you around the Canada forum,
so thought i'll give u a signing .

Hope you have a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!!

Merry Christmas!

May all your wishes and dreams come true in 2008. Have fun, and stay safe.

~Matt Addison / Astian~

Just a random signing.

See ya round,
Guess wat?? im an a stamping spree yay! *rolls eyes* lol. anyways here is my latest stamp

Hi. Figured I would sign your guestbook. Its nice knowing there is another normal member of the oblivion forum. Your a good guy.