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Shadow of Death
May 7, 09 12:45am
Haven't really gotten far, TBH. I bought I guide which I haven't even used much. EternalSonata
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  • "STUCK ON CAPTAIN DOUCHEBAG (Dolce)! EternalSonata"
    JinImuno Apr 30, 11 1:00am
  • "MULTIPLAYER IN AN RPG!!! and a damn fine story too, shearching maps is rewarding to those who take the time EternalSonata"
    ReiNoShi_X Jul 31, 10 9:41am
  • "Unusal, original, educational and brave. A rarity these days. EternalSonata"
    The Jester Apr 18, 10 9:04am
  • "I just love this game, the story, the characters, everything. I ended up getting 1000 on two XBOX accounts! Believe it or not. EternalSonata"
    DRACO40 Dec 31, 09 7:05pm
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