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Shadow of Death What spoiler?
Included only what I felt was necessary. However,...
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I've only played the Prologue so far. I definitely like it as it stands now.

Good thing I didn't... read more

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*pushes around a wheelbarrow of salt*

Enough maybe? I've got a tuck back there with more if it's... read more

Well, this looks pretty decent. I liked Reus well enough, even if I didn't get too far into it... read more

Yeah, this is actually pretty much the best Humble Bundle I've seen so far. Pity I had all the... read more

About time. They really ought to have put more effort into the PC side of things years ago. read more

Still debating backing this. It's so far off from release and I don't really fancy games that... read more

I'm wondering if maybe the weapons and loadout you choose need to be played in sync with the... read more

Well, credit card fraud is definitely a riskier business, but I think they have to sell a LOT of... read more