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How do you register a system and a game? I'm sure it has been mentioned..
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Shadow of Death
I didn't, and take offense to you calling me lazy. How'd you get...
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Shadow of Death
...No, you do not need to do the purchasing during March....
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Update: Just FYI, but it seems like you need to purchase the games BETWEEN March 1st and 31st,... read more

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As long as it works with windows7 as I will not upgrade to 8
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Hopefully existing copies on PC will either be updated to this edition, or a DLC will be offered... read more

Rumors of Windows 9 for Fall 2014/Spring 2015 would tie in nicely with this. Very possibly my... read more

Well, I might grab it when it releases. Zany games like this are worth a look in my mind, I mean,... read more

Didn't know this was co-op. Interesting idea for co-op. Two rather different playstyles. read more

Fawful - Well, you have a point that it could lead to a lot of creative freedom so far as the... read more

I just don't see how this can be made into a movie. Let alone a LIVE ACTION movie.

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What if we ONLY registered our 3DS, but have yet to get the game (I want one)... read more

I should be linked, so if I remember, I'll have to grab this. I have MK7 BTW. read more

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Shadow of Death What spoiler?
Included only what I felt was necessary. However,...
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