Yeah, I've had login issues. Not surprising. It's pretty bad TBH.

uPlay, last I checked, removed... read more

This is taking quite a while. I still regret the loss of the touch screen. The customizable... read more

I'm expecting the PS3 there, as it would be cheaper to produce and has more games available for it... read more

quote RabidChinaGirl
Oof, sounds painful. I got lucky, I guess.
Was rather off putting, yes. I... read more

quote RabidChinaGirl
Shadow of Death Could you actually be a little more specific, like when you...
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Still waiting on a good Open World sandbox Dragonball/Z game.

Also, DBZ on PC. I think one or two... read more

Played for a while myself. Trouble is, on PC there is an issue with the game hanging very minute... read more

quote VampireWicked
Shadow of Death
I would, am getting one, just not for gaming.
When i get a high...
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VampireWicked - Well, that's the thing isn't it? You're not interested in gaming on PC so you... read more

I....seriously doubt I'll ever get this. Well, maybe if the actual gameplay looks like fun.

The... read more

Yeah, call it bandwagon-ing but I dunno if I'll get this. I like the Sims games well enough, but... read more

900p is pretty close to 1080p. The One is a bit lower, but there was another multi-platform... read more

$400 is a much more attractive entry level price than $500 for an additional piece of hardware... read more