Don't see why people have problems with FEZ. I liked the game. The creator was a bit of... read more

This might be useful. The only penalties you can get for lending, is if the person you lent to... read more

Great bundle. If I didn't already have most of them, I'd get it >_>

Hate missing out on... read more

quote Roxas
I have ten days to play KH 1.5 before this gets here. At the same time, I don't rush...
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As mentioned before, I'm not getting this. I have TES III, IV, and V (and all DLC) already.
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Seems like it might be decent. Good to see it coming out on PC from the get-go, even if it will... read more

I dunno you two. It has a strong chance of doing so, but CoD sells a LOT of copies, and a lot of... read more

Pauliepoos - It's a good point. I kinda doubt they're prepared. It might have occurred to them,... read more

Well, if Sony makes it so it works as a 3D screen for BDs or something (not sure if OR does that),... read more

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Backed it at the $40 level. This is me cutting back on kickstarter backing BTW. Normally I would... read more