Looks decent. I prefer co-op shenanigans to competitive online when it comes to open world games... read more

Even if it's true, I doubt that it will offer the Collectors Edition content. Still, if it does... read more

I'm backing this. If it turns out to be full of crap in the next 29 days, I can just back out... read more

"coming from"

The proofreader strikes again!

I think Amazon could succeed where the Ouya has... read more

quote Avalith
Just you wait >_<

In a year or so, I'll be putting together a whole new... read more

Damn you Avalith! You beat meh!

Mind, I could probably bump up my score another 400 points if I... read more

Yep. Completely ignores the fact that they have approved a higher rating grade some time ago. ... read more

I just ran the benchmark (twice actually, the first time it didn't register my PRNTSCRN and when I... read more

Well, this is an interesting idea.

I already own Morrowind through Skyrim, including all the DLC... read more

I am not for them cutting story mode. I enjoy story mode in the games. Heck, I don't play online... read more

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