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The *bleep* is a Pre-Sequel???? so 1.5? I am confused..... (I am in Afghanistan right...
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Took them longer to release these drivers than expected. Was implied, I think, to be early 2014,... read more

*joy pukes*

But yeah, looks pretty good. The release date matches up with BL1 and BL2, so I'm not... read more

started a discussion titled "First Impressions" in WildStar

Might be worth investing in the latest model before it stops being available at retail. I only... read more

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Tempting! Trouble is, I'm perpetually low on space on my PS3....
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Tempting! Trouble is, I'm perpetually low on space on my PS3. I might buy it just because. I... read more

I'll be picking this up in the evening. I'll certainly be trying to play it sometime tomorrow. read more

Well, it looks decent enough. I'll probably get it day one.

Not sure what the hell that thing is supposed to be though. read more

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[quote=tajdar_217]@Shadow of Death@, I'm not surprised. They did say a GTX 780 would...
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Yeah, I've had login issues. Not surprising. It's pretty bad TBH.

uPlay, last I checked, removed... read more

This is taking quite a while. I still regret the loss of the touch screen. The customizable... read more