I voted Steed, Humans a Study Guide, and Gone Astray. For the Pendleton thing, I went with the McDonalds one. read more

Well, it's good that Linux is getting more Driver support. We might eventually see comparable... read more

I'm guessing the reason for the 64 bit requirement is the 4GB RAM minimum, which is rather high TBH. read more

Hmmm, I heard Toy Soldiers (maybe not this release) was actually a pretty good game? read more

I'll probably upgrade my pre-order to this in a bit. I pre-ordered TESO a while back, I think,... read more

The game offers a lot of customization.....except for the body shapes/sizes >_>

Probably done to... read more

I'm guessing you'll be covering the other ones shortly eh, bluexy?

The first one you covered has a... read more