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Looks interesting.
However, I have to make one observation: Wouldn't it make better... read more

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bluexy - Ahhh, ummm "...more expensive versions of the game could come..."

I sort of miss the... read more

Been meaning to get Strike Suit at some point, but I never got around to it. Now I have it, and... read more

Not surprised. So many people rave about it, but I'll reiterate on this point: I preferred... read more

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Oh right. I figured it wouldn't still be up this long after it finished. Cheers.
They... read more

Still haven't gotten my steam key yet >_>

Euphoric - Well, you can look at the Kickstarter Page and... read more

Saints Row 4 was a fun diversion in the series, but I am certainly hoping that they go back to how... read more

Well, I grabbed this. I'm happy they started that gifting individual keys business though. I... read more

I would not be surprised about this at all.

I wouldn't be surprised if they re-released Borderlands... read more

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Thanks for the info
Tought it was a console only!
Not sure if I am still going to get...
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Don't compare this to a laptop or a client-pc.
As its a console ...
Technically it's a... read more