Looks pretty good. Problem is, I don't recall caring much about the TC games.

On the other hand,... read more

Well, the Character/World Wipe update has gone through, the game's combat/universe system has been... read more

Never heard of this. So yeah, I was like "Wat?"

I don't know much about Jane Austen TBH. Might... read more

psychotoof - Where did they say you'd lose your characters? Not that I'm denying that's possible,... read more

It really comes down to the games as time goes on. Exclusives down the road in particular.

One I... read more

Nice that it includes the fan kits for all 3 games. As usual for a fankit, it's pretty sparse. ... read more

quote Konstruct
Are they ending Games With Gold after December? Might use my 12 day to get Shoot...
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I've already got Shoot Many Robots on PC (it was pretty good really). I never did get around to... read more

Not a bad DLC. It's like the first Headhunter DLC in that there isn't much to do after just a few... read more

quote Shadow of Death
~5 Hours (~50 Hours)

The brackets indicate how much they've played total, and...
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That one has to have played the game is a good addition (like "Confirmed Owner" type system, like... read more

That price is actually pretty darn good. About the same price as a ~2 TB HDD

Question is...Vertex... read more

Lol. That sounds like an awful experience, watching that livestream. Hilariously bad even XD

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