Something I forgot to bring up in my previous post. Are they going to release a female statue at... read more

They have two other statues (Dragonborn and Dragonborn Variant) that are similarly expensive. I... read more

quote watergamer
Hope it's priced 19.99
Nope. Price isn't finalized yet I think, but it'll be... read more

Two new classes eh? Hopefully they won't be too much of a pain to unlock. I have yet to get... read more

Well, you can't say that's not a fairly original concept for a game.

Unless it migrates to PC... read more

Looks OK. I'll wait for a sale, as I've got tons of other games for the time being >_> read more

I'm a bit interested in this, but as it's so far off from release I've no idea if I'm going to get it or not. read more

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They've confirmed that they are attepting negotiations to get it onto PC, but...
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It's going to be a timed exclusive on the PS4. So I guess PC will be getting it second. Or... read more

As a F2P, I'll probably try this. I actually would like to see how they handle the physics of a... read more

I'll play the wait and see game myself.

Incidentally bluexy, they went for $50K goal rather than... read more