I'll probably upgrade my pre-order to this in a bit. I pre-ordered TESO a while back, I think,... read more

The game offers a lot of customization.....except for the body shapes/sizes >_>

Probably done to... read more

I'm guessing you'll be covering the other ones shortly eh, bluexy?

The first one you covered has a... read more

Looks a bit interesting. I'm not a huge fan of golf games (indeed, I don't think I ever bought... read more

It looks like it has a lot of potential, and I am a bit interested in backing it, but the December... read more

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quote Shadow of Death
bluexy - Keep telling yourself that >_>
Yes, I do think I'll...
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I might grab this on the cheap. Looks OK, and very retro styled graphics, moreso than a lot of 'retro' styled games. read more

I don't think it's petty, bluexy. I think it's a valid criticism, spending so much money on have... read more

bluexy - Fair enough. Still though, it's money that would be best appropriated to people who... read more

Not really a fan of celeb voice work in games (or animated movies). It takes money away from... read more

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What's the problem? Skyrim is M and the game is insanely popular. Parents will still...
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I'm not surprised they're a bit upset. In fact, I'm a bit surprised they're not challenging it. ... read more