We still have to wait until 1300 EST before it's unlocked on steam though. On the other hand, it... read more

Yeah, I'll be grabbing this probably. Most likely I'll pre-order in my local EB because I usually... read more

quote Dark Pikachu
Shadow of Death it was a joke im totally getting it i love Borderlands.
Ah,... read more

I've no problem with this, they did it with BL2 and I didn't regret getting the Season pass. The... read more

Puppet king hmmm?

I'm hoping there are other interesting extra chars you can recruit. read more

I'll probably get this, just because it's Saints Row. Hopefully the powers are different enough... read more

quote The5thAvocado
I must be behind on the times, because 6TB sounds like an overly exorbitant...
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I backed that so long ago XD Just the $15 tier, which I think is my cheapest backing on... read more

I'm a little curious about this, though I'm not sure how well I'd like the control scheme,... read more

THM - The guy was making a point that your TV and consoles are the result of capitalism too. read more

I wonder if the "Every creature, large or small, predator or prey, will be playable in WiLD" means... read more