Will the physical version be non-steamworks then? I prefer to have my PC games on steam, but I... read more

From what I've seen, it's looking to be a solid addition. The Oxygen, thankfully, isn't for... read more

Largerock - Well, it's inference. Zombies are still a common antagonist in games. H1Z1 sounds... read more

"Sounds like a virus name to me". Yeah, that.

If it's not a virus, I'll be surprised. And yeah,... read more

I'll probably end up pre-ordering this. Even though the recommended (also minimum) requirements... read more

Does look storybook-like.

Hopefully it won't be too long before we'll get some type of Alpha version. read more

kin33x - Thanks for that delightfully patronizing reply sir. Fair point about stuff being... read more

I don't know much about this game, but I don't really like how much they're charging for ships. ... read more

You know, sometimes jokes end up becoming reality bluexy, if there is enough demand. Look at Goat... read more