Who knows? Maybe he butted too many heads over music design, or they found someone with some... read more

I read recently that DRM might have less to do with trying to prevent piracy, so much as it to... read more

Makes me think it might be sort of like an outdoors version of Rogue Legacy. At least, I hope... read more

Cross-play works quite well. My friend is playing on the PS4, me on the PC. I notice no issues. read more

quote sjohns0624
I pre-ordered my copy Saturday and already told work that I would be taking that...
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There is always the possibility of it migrating to PC at least, at some point. read more

I spoke too soon. It seems Oxygen IS used for staying alive. I'm expecting it will be plentiful... read more

Will the physical version be non-steamworks then? I prefer to have my PC games on steam, but I... read more

From what I've seen, it's looking to be a solid addition. The Oxygen, thankfully, isn't for... read more

Largerock - Well, it's inference. Zombies are still a common antagonist in games. H1Z1 sounds... read more

"Sounds like a virus name to me". Yeah, that.

If it's not a virus, I'll be surprised. And yeah,... read more