As a F2P, I'll probably try this. I actually would like to see how they handle the physics of a... read more

I'll play the wait and see game myself.

Incidentally bluexy, they went for $50K goal rather than... read more

quote Vast
Has it now? Whenever I check, it's always in last. xD
Yep, seems the stats have settled... read more

quote Vast
god damn Team Red sucks
Scores fluctuate a lot. Early on, it was around 4th or 5th (Pink... read more

quote areebrehman32
if 4 gb ram can play the game,i have a 4 gb ram but game is not running
What... read more

What, no mention of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, or does it not qualify for even a mention for... read more

quote sjohns0624
I know that you can duplicate guns in BL2. Could you do anything like that in BL1?...
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I'm keen on the idea of this game. Not sure how well it'll work in the end (games like this would... read more

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