Heard about this earlier. The Pre-Sequel was pretty solid. Not epic, but pretty good. It's hard... read more

bluexy - Interesting. I might have to get it just for that bit of weirdness about it. read more

Yeah, no kidding spOOK. Ended up worth approx 1/375ths of its earlier estimated value.

Must sting... read more

bluexy - Not sure I'll get this. Probably not, unless the LE ends up being irresistible

However,... read more

This game looks damned good TBH.

I'll be lucky to run the game on Medium with my rig. Won't be... read more

I would like to see how comparably powerful non-steam rigs are priced on the market. IE: How much... read more

I am pretty sure I had Ark of Naphishtim on the PSP, though (as often is the case) I never... read more