The VR base idea, along with hand tracking using Steam's controller is certainly a good combo. ... read more

*sighs* Better they delay than release a shoddy product, but I'm guessing it's more that they... read more

Really now? Seems every other large electronics/entertainment company is developing a VR set now.
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Doesn't really look like it's bringing anything new to the table, but it is F2P so if I have a... read more

Sounds pretty dark and bitter, the story >_>

I'll be throwing money at NISA once they put up the... read more

quote DedValve
Technically bluexy is right. Borderlands the pre-sequel is both borderlands 2 and...
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bluexy - Well, everyone (exaggeration) was calling it BL2 DLC, so maybe that controversy is the... read more

If it's not Fallout 4 you're quite right there would be riots. Bethesda can't get away with... read more

I figure some sort of zombie themed title, but it could be intentionally misleading. I hope for a new IP. read more

I don't care for League of Legends (I like the character designs and all, but I've little interest... read more