Well, I failed to get a Legendary in a vendor, and it looked like one I would have really liked. I like the Gatling type ARs

So yeah, a thread devoted to posting the days finds. Find something awesome? A rare drop? Even just something that looked

I've played the game a bit over two hours now, as Nisha (I think I hit level 7?). So far it seems about what you'd e

I do gaming videos on occasion, and started a LP of Suikoden III and I'll probably replay IV and maybe V eventually (thou

I got this e-mail from Steam: --Quote E-mail-- Dear Steam User, Steam will soon be priced in Canadian Dollar! If y

_Main Downloads List ^Scroll down a bit^ Claptrap | Wilhelm | Athena | Nisha Handsome Jack | Moxxi Angel (BL2) | Scav | J

My game just crashed. It was at about the worst possible time too. I'd just been reverse pirating and done rather well.

Bog standard intro thread is bogged down in standard-ness. Backed it on Kickstarter, and I played the Alpha earlier today.

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