I've only played the game for a little while, but considering my rig (i7 950 3.07GHz Quad core hyperthreaded, GTX 570 wit

_PC Gamer Article ModDB Page_ --Quote Excerpt-- Enderal: The Shards of Order, SureAI’s upcoming Skyrim total conver

_Action Skill_ _Effect:_ It would 'mark' a specific target, altering their 'fate'. It would make it much e

Haven't actually beaten him yet. First time I fought him I died failing to second wind, second time I fought him he glit

Not that anyone will likely see this anytime soon, but I got this game in preparation for Awakened Fate Ultimatum (the sequel

_Gearbox Reveals Borderlands TPS's 4th DLC + Upgrade Pack 2_ _March 24th in North America, March 27th Internationally_

OK, so I've spammed the Final Super Training ("Battle for the Best" or whatever it is) to try and get PPMax but

I don't normally bother with IVs though I do super train (as opposed to EV train, which I don't bother with as it&

So I heard Modest was for +Special -Attack, which is good as I planned to make my Milotic a special attacker, but when I fina

_Net Neutrality Wins (Hopefully) The FCC will Seek to Reclassify the Internet as a Utility_ "The internet must be fast

Played until I was halfway through level 7. So far she seems decent. In fact, coincidence or not, I killed Flame Knuckle (t

IGN Link. Well, PAX South has already been good to Borderlands fans, as Randy Pitchford teases that they'll be unveili

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