I love how Neoseeker is trying to turn into facebook <3
Talk to me NOW please
I like ice cream. do you?
As if on cue, i subside and become empty
Life was made for ending
Does anyone have an idea for a song for me to write. I am stuck
People keep telling me to cheer up, maybe they should try being less annoying
Only in America will you find Braille writing on drive-in ATM's
Finished recording a song. I will get it on Youtube by tomorrow...
If anyone wants to go out with me, Im lonely and single.....
Im so sorry if i've done wrong i just want someone to talk to me
people should just leave me alone, and stop making me want to die
everyone hates me and i want to die
sometimes i wish i could see the world through different eyes
I hate it when people are in unfaithful relationships
Though some things may never be the same, I am still me
Earlier today, I learned how to screech like a banshee.
If you say Im a freak, that just means im not a FAKE
Where we exist there is no death, when there is death we dont exist

Brian Tucker

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