Yeah, I was a '80s kid, watched the cartoons(He Man, Transformers, Ninja Turtles, The Real Ghost Busters, Bugs Bunny) I was creative with my imagination, I was bulled one time( I must have been six years old at the time, some where around that age) and I was really into Transformers(it was a cartoon at the time) so I thought if only I could just transform they'd leave me alone(lol) so I got down and tried. Well, it turned out that even though I failed turning into a car, I managed to scare them away.


I like the best of the original nes area(beautiful memories) I like the Mega Man serise, Final Fantasy serise, Zelda serise. I'm a game cheater but I like to play with out cheats both. I like to draw, think up stories, martial arts, I write japanese chiligraphy.

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