My online accounts, social media accounts, gaming usernames/profiles, friend codes, etc. are now available on here. Some of the accounts, such as email and social media can only be viewed if you are my friend on here. You can also send me a message asking me for it. I accept all friend requests (unless I have a reason not to accept yours) on here and on my other accounts/profiles on different sites and platforms. They all can be found under the designated spots for them on my Profile, as well as in my Biography on my Profile. Send requests! Try to keep in contact with me. :)
(It should be noted that my friends list on Xbox LIVE is almost full and I do not have an Xbox One yet, so I can not have over 100 friends until I get one.)
hey whats your 3ds friend code
I used to be a horrible, horrible noob on this site... I look back at myself and the things I posted and just ask, "Why...?"
is starting to get bored...
Geez. I deleted old uncommented images out of my gallery and went from 90 or so images to 40. Most of my images are from when I was younger.
It feels good to be back... but this place feels barren.

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