^Never mind the odd title XD

Well, I've been playing this game for the past 4 or 5 days and am enjoying it quite well. Aside from UT III, it's the only game I really played on my work nights, and UT III is an easy game to enter and exit (I can do a 32 round bot match to 100 points in under 5 minutes or so, I think, so yeah).

Right now, I'm on my first playthrough, and I'm playing as Lilith (default name), the Siren class character. She can phasewalk (go invisible and run faster than normal), which is a useful skill IMO. I've hit level 20 recently. I've found some good weapons too.

Weapons are randomized, so sometimes you can encounter some sweet weapons. I recently beat Slag (a boss), and he nearly killed me.

Speaking of dying, a moment or two before fighting I died in the STUPIDEST way....I activated the Elevator to reach his level, and crushed myself on an overhead beam ~_~ That was $2000+ down the crapper for no good reason >_>

Take this as a warning.....Never forget to look up to see if death is waiting for you there >_>

Back to Slag now....He was strong, and I barely managed to beat him (I was knocked down once, but got my second wind), and killed him when I only had a few HP left (and was killed again by a weakling, which I promptly killed to get my 3rd wind).

His equipment was worthless (battle-wise that is) though. Powerful, but it couldn't hit anything like I say in This Thread, so not worth having. Sold for a pretty penny, which isn't surprising considering it was 2x stronger than my best shotgun, and was purple rarity (which is top of the lower half of the rarity spectrum I think).

So, I'll probably play this game until I at LEAST beat the main story once. I might do a second playthrough with Lilith, and might try the other classes, and go online as well.

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