Shadow of Death blogged
Dec 09, 09 6:42pm

Borderlands Blaaarg

^Never mind the odd title XD

Well, I've been playing this game for the past 4 or 5 days and am enjoying it quite well. Aside from UT III, it's the only game I really played on my work nights, and UT III is an easy game to enter and exit (I can do a 32 round bot match to 100 points in under 5 minutes or so, I think, so yeah).

Right now, I'm on my first playthrough, and I'm playing as Lilith (default name), the Siren class character. She can phasewalk (go invisible and run faster than normal), which is a useful skill IMO. I've hit level 20 recently. I've found some good weapons too.

Weapons are randomized, so sometimes you can encounter some sweet weapons. I recently beat Slag (a boss), and he nearly killed me.

Speaking of dying, a moment or two before fighting I died in the STUPIDEST way....I activated the Elevator to reach his level, and crushed myself on an overhead beam ~_~ That was $2000+ down the crapper for no good reason >_>

Take this as a warning.....Never forget to look up to see if death is waiting for you there >_>

Back to Slag now....He was strong, and I barely managed to beat him (I was knocked down once, but got my second wind), and killed him when I only had a few HP left (and was killed again by a weakling, which I promptly killed to get my 3rd wind).

His equipment was worthless (battle-wise that is) though. Powerful, but it couldn't hit anything like I say in This Thread, so not worth having. Sold for a pretty penny, which isn't surprising considering it was 2x stronger than my best shotgun, and was purple rarity (which is top of the lower half of the rarity spectrum I think).

So, I'll probably play this game until I at LEAST beat the main story once. I might do a second playthrough with Lilith, and might try the other classes, and go online as well.

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Whitefalcon Dec 9, 09
Never heard of that game, what genre is it?

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Shadow of Death Dec 9, 09
Shooter with RPG elements. Basically you take missions and use various randomly generated weapons you find, to go put holes in things until you're done XD It has the usual 'go find my stuff and I'll give you money and other stuff' type missions too.

Check out some videos of it on youtube. Might capture a few videos myself.

BTW: Thanks for rating and commenting ^_~
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Audioslave Dec 9, 09
Hey bro, once I get a new adaptor for me xbox, you fancy playing Borderlands together?
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Shadow of Death Dec 9, 09
I have the PC version, I don't think there is cross-compatibility with the PC and 360 game (only GFWL would be able to do that).

Oh well ~_~
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Audioslave Dec 10, 09
Ahhh ok, thanks anyway
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