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Dec 3, 09 8:31pm

Neohome up! and Update - Autocomplete PM Code (Now with BBcode support!)

Well, my Neohome is properly up and running, for the most part. There is a coding issue, but it is really just an alignment thing more than anything, and I could live without it being fixed. There is some missing content, but it is largely there now. Lol, in like a week I went from no neohome, to one of the more involved ones out there I think XD Not without a lot of help from bobbonew and other neo members, and generous amount of google searching (hey, going from 'not knowing how to make an image map with rusty HTML skills' to 'Image map based CSS styled neohome' is a pretty big leap XD As per usual, I figured out what I could from what I saw, but in the end I needed lots of help anyway. I've spent over 8 hours on it total (more like 10 though, in two 5 hour sessions).

On to the update to autocompletes. Remember in My First Neoblog, I posted about autocomplete PMs via neo's link system? Well, not only did I confirm (in the development of my neohome) that I could use HTML based linking to make use of square brackets (the bane of link name= PM based autocompletes), I also found out a way to add square brackets to make a BBcode enabled auto-complete based neoPM.

It's quite simple really, take what I have in the previous blog, where I mentioned:

quote Myself
SO I spent a little while figuring out what URL code = spaces, that was easy (%20 - BTW, did you know, different number combinations = different symbols, so while %20 = a space {line break}, %21 = !)

Page breaks (enters) was a bit more tricky, I googled "%20 line breaks page breaks" and on the second URL down, I found the code there, and figured out that you can use either: %0d or %0a (probably others will work too). Those are zeros, BTW.
You see the fancy HTML coding used to accomplish spacing? And how I mentioned that modified code = special characters? Yeah, I just googled 'HTML for square brackets' and found everything I needed HERE. On that page was a code for both square brackets, seen below:

[     Left square bracket
]     Right square bracket

So it became a simple matter of tediously filling out the auto complete as usual, and adding the above code where appropriate. In the event you need another special character, the above link should have it. Also, you don't need a special character code for backslash, so I left it out.

I decided to look for this code because I saw someone else using the kinda half-arsed neoBBcode for autocomplete (Subject) NeoPMs, and yeah like I figured, it was for a forum game (signup). He had the code for submissions separate because he didn't (I wouldn't think) know how to do this. He does now I guess XD

And now, here is the code for those of you that care (I just copy-pasted the code I used for that game's autocomplete).

NOTE: Stretches beyond the page, but if you just highlight a part, and then shift+right arrow and CTRL+C you should copy it all no problem.

[link name=Full Autocomplete PM][b]Name[/b]:%20Neoseeker%20Name%0d%0d[b]MSN/AIM[/b]:%20Insert%20address%20for%20any%20IM%20you%20have[/link]

Result: Full Autocomplete PM <-Click, you know you want to ^_~

Heck, if you feel like it, check out the thread. It's in the PC borderlands forum, but you don't even need to have the game to play this forum game. It's unrelated to Borderlands itself.

So, all I have to do is figure out how to auto-send it XD

Now, I'm sure someone has already done THIS too, but eh, hopefully someone finds a use for this anyway.

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