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Nov 16, 09 1:46pm

I came up with a custom PM

My first blog is also a neoseeker forum related one. See, a while ago I heard about the custom PMs, which you can see about HERE


This will create a link that will send you to a page where you can send me a PM. However, that's not all. Just like the link says which member to send the PM to, you can also include text in the topic/subject and body/message section. For example:

[[pm:Apollo|subject:Your PM Subject goes here|Link Name]]

It doesn't work here, sorry, otherwise I'd show you....Well, back then I experimented with adding a CUSTOM MESSAGE....I tried all sorts of combinations to mimic the "subject:" effect and it was a no-go. To be expected, since so far as I know, that feature isn't a custom (hidden or otherwise) BB code....

So, I just recently remembered this so I decided to give it a go again. Only this time instead of trying the obvious fail route of modifying a neo custom BBcode, I went to the SOURCE, the URL code that results from using the neo BB code for custom PM subject. I analyzed how the URL = custom message, and added a message block.

This made it so easy, I got it right on my first try if you can believe it (well, it wasn't THAT hard).

So, instead of:

[[pm:Apollo|subject:Your PM Subject goes here|Link Name]]

Which results in the URL:

I ended up with this:

[link name=Test][/link]

Which means you can ACTUALLY use this in places where special custom neo BBcode generally doesn't work (like blogs apparently), but where link name= codes DO work. This form I think, would be great for contests/voting submissions don't you think?


"REALLY?" says the crowd, "But it's so awesome already, how can it be improved?!?!?!"

Well my dear folks, if you tried to TYPE OUT a proper message with that url, you'd get a real mess, it wouldn't even work because of spaces...

SO I spent a little while figuring out what URL code = spaces, that was easy (%20 - BTW, did you know, different number combinations = different symbols, so while %20 = a space [line break], %21 = !)

Page breaks (enters) was a bit more tricky, I googled "%20 line breaks page breaks" and on the second URL down, I found the code there, and figured out that you can use either: %0d or %0a (probably others will work too). Those are zeros, BTW.

You can even combine both together, or double up on one, to add extra line breaks.

Click to PM Tallteen86

Unfortunately, BBcode doesn't work on account of neo recognizing the BBcode as belonging to the page you posted the custom PM URL on, so instead modifies the URL's text, which breaks the link code.

I tried to figure out a way to add an auto-send PM function to it, but eh, not having much luck, seems to be a java based thing.

Not a bad first blog post eh? I wonder how many people will see this....

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Benedict Dec 3, 09
    Not bad at all.
    If you know the [ and ] url characters you can use bbcode.
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Shadow of Death Dec 4, 09
Thanks. Lol, you're a little late though, I already had posted the HTML code to enable square brackets, as seen in my newer neoblog.

Or rather, it seems that you actually posted this before I posted that, but I just didn't see it.