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Sep 1, 09 8:09am

Well after a weekend that was to short & weekend day that are to long I decided to post my first blog. So I will start off telling you a little about myself, im 20 years old & currently working in admin & customer service it a fun job & it going to get even better as my boss is going over seas for a month yay. So what else better tell you what I look like, well im slim & used to be really slim & have been referred as stick with eyeballs & my favorite coat hanger lol, I have hazel eye, black hair with red streaks, im 6 foot, & fair completion whilst im not going to be winning any modeling competitions any time soon I get by. Finally my interests, firstly cooking which is my passion you will usually find me in the kitchen when im not suck on the couch, secondly gaming way else would I be on this site, thirdly the paranormal anything & every thing I find really interesting & lastly music which I couldn't live without ever since I got my Ipod i have it permitally plugged in it has been refer to being my hearing aid. My friends on Neo are Angelus, Paper Fox, MEM & Evo & looking to make many more. Well thank you for your time if you actually read this & come say hi sometime.


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