likes BIRO's status update: "Woke up to this song on the Radio this morning..."

Hmm, this could work well, especially when I need to level up or practice with my Skylanders away... read more

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likes Professor Wright's status update: "So tired curse you school"
likes Fluidity's status update: "Just finished the second half of SAO Season 1. I don't see why people hate it so much."
likes Fluidity's status update: "SAO reminded me that I have feelings. Lol."
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I feel like people in Neoseeker never leave due to depression, but only if they feel like they've moved on. Otherwise, they come back.
Might wanna have that eye checked's both changing biologically and bleeding.
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re: <-------- lol

Yep, been on both sides. read more

likes Keymoshy's status update: " <-------- lol"
likes Star's status update: "I'm not mad. My reality is simply different from yours~"
likes Roxas' status update: "Tomorrow wears yesterday's face."
re: Z.

You're missing the Dragon Ball. read more