likes Fuhong's status update: "NO ONE TELLS ME WHAT TO DO, GOD!"
I'll try to be more active. *doesn't go online for days*
likes Star's status update: "Parents use the comp once and it returns with 2300 dangerous files.."

People engaging in senseless fighting?

And you didn't invite ME?


likes overthetop2's status update: ""Our bank balance of 7 million dollars needs to be protected well. So we spent 7 million dollars on this new state of the art safe.""

A walking piñata with a lollipop for a weapon.

I'm not sure if I should take that seriously. read more

likes MegaBassMan's status update: "Just spent the past two hours downloading over 4 hours worth of songs onto my phone for tomorrow. Clearly, I'm prepared."
When I troll in any Garry's Mod servers:
likes Dilute's status update: "You know, we all DO use Internet Explorer to download Google Chrome. ;_;"
likes pokemaniac_Y's status update: "So awesome, that I could sleep with my eyes closed. *shades*"

quote pokemaniac_Y
And yet it's a language too, the things you read. *^*
BIRO's just that talented creepy. read more

He's not drunk, he's just worshipping his lord and savior Cthulhu.

Here BIRO, take this. read more