*secretly updates profile slightly*
I'll try to be more active. *doesn't go online for days*

It's only a matter of time before Hatsune Miku is in every ad, every television show, ever music video, and every video game rel...

Awesome avatar Shades! :D
When I troll in any Garry's Mod servers: http://bit.ly/SlUc3M
And it still continues....

In the past year Nintendo's made it clear that they want a piece of the cut for any Youtube content featuring their copyrighted games. A large number of videos featuring Nintendo's games received "Content ID Match" warnings, which either removed the....

Spam. :> Yo bro, how you been?
"You could be my luck...even if the sky is falling down, I know that we'll be safe and sound." ~Capital Cities, "Safe and Sound"
What can I say, really?
You son of a bitch, did you un-friend me? B(
SPAM! I need to spam everybody :p
"Why were males created before females? Because you always need a rough draft before the final copy." Well played. *claps*
The update......it burns! Both with holy fire and hellish fire! Gah!

The Flappy Bird sensation is not yet dead, and might live on through handhelds. If you're looking to get your fix, or you're curious what all the buzz is about, you're now able to look to the 3DS and DSi, where fan Bluerobin2 recreated Flappy Bird......

BIRO, I have given an update.

Introducing Sonic the Hedgehog, perhaps you've heard of him before? Sonic and his pals have had a makeover as Sega's taken the franchise back to the drawing board. This is Sonic Boom: a television show, a toy line, and a brand new game for Wii U and....

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