Murderer Shadic Hearts
Jan 5, 16 1:14am
Hey! :P How's everything?
Murderer Shadic Hearts
Aug 7, 15 10:40pm
Reply the next time you decide to get on
Keymoshy Shadic Hearts
Feb 20, 15 10:51am
Magnetar Shadic Hearts
Jan 27, 15 1:09pm
H-E-L-L-O........IS THERE ANYBODY THERE!>?!?!?!?
Shadic Hearts
Dec 27, 14 10:34pm
Murderer, shame on you. You should know Ditto > Arceus > Every Legendary
Chromatus Shadic Hearts
Dec 23, 14 9:21am
Hey Shadic! It's time for you to post again! :o
alroy214 Shadic Hearts
Dec 22, 14 11:31pm
Hi there c:
Shadic Hearts
Oct 31, 14 1:00am
It's finally Halloween. You know what that means. *reaches for Mexican Brock outfit*
Shadic Hearts shared a from
Oct 6, 14 4:56pm
Finally out, hoorah!

Chromatus Shadic Hearts
Sep 17, 14 4:36pm
Hey Shadic, its been a while. :o
Shadic Hearts shared a news (@bluexy)
Sep 10, 14 11:01pm
Too. Many. Attractive. Offers.

On the back of Nintendo announcing all new 3DS hardware, literally named the New 3DS, the company has decided that maybe they're not done tryi...

Shadic Hearts
Aug 30, 14 1:46am
I feel like people in Neoseeker never leave due to depression, but only if they feel like they've moved on. Otherwise, they come back.
Shadic Hearts
Aug 30, 14 1:35am
Might wanna have that eye checked's both changing biologically and bleeding.
Keymoshy Shadic Hearts
Aug 11, 14 4:55pm
Shadic Hearts
Aug 8, 14 12:16am
*secretly updates profile slightly*
Shadic Hearts
Jul 8, 14 5:22pm
I'll try to be more active. *doesn't go online for days*
Shadic Hearts shared a news (@bluexy)
Jul 3, 14 11:19pm

It's only a matter of time before Hatsune Miku is in every ad, every television show, ever music video, and every video game rel...

Shadic Hearts
Jun 7, 14 12:16pm
When I troll in any Garry's Mod servers:
Daylight Shadic Hearts
Jun 6, 14 4:57pm
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