Start the game, go into the consul right after choosing your class, and then spawn a bunch of skeletons to make the guards kill them. X3 TheElderScrolls5Skyrim PC
I want this game only to play it in the middle of the night, with all the lights off, and the sound all the way up. AmnesiaTheDarkDescent PC
Fusing Kyurem and Zekrom was one of Game Freak's best ideas in a while. But they still should take some fan-made Pokemon... PokemonBlackVersion2 DS
See my comment for Pokemon Black Version... PokemonWhiteVersion DS
Game Freak is really running out of good Pokemon ideas. They should take some fan-made Pokemon... PokemonBlackVersion DS
Rider White's storyline is awesome. Get a gun almost right off the bat! Along with a handful of Exploders... DeadIsland X360
Headshot Brony. Eeyup, that's me! CallOfDutyBlackOps X360
All foes will fear the Swarm! SkylandersGiants X360
My two main Skyanders? Bash and Flashwing, hands/paws/hoofs/claws down. SkylandersSpyrosAdventure X360
This game is *bleep*ing boss! I recommend it for any PC gamer! PYRO RULES!!! TeamFortress2 PC
Pinkie's been getting on to me again, saying I need to get out more...

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