You signed my guestbook back in 2003 even though I'd already gone inactive with this account.

Now, terrorist attacks have struck around the world, the war in Iraq worsens, Halo 2 came out, Halo 3 is about to come out, and nuclear weapons threaten to tremor the axis on which the static world turns.

...and I finally decide to log into an old account out of boredom, I see your stamp in my guestbook and I decide to repay the favor from 4 years ago.
i am so glad that i imed u .......cuz u r such a great person........sometimes abnormal but i can live with ya
Doin some random signin. See you in da forums Sgt Tooth . Have a nice day!

Visit my neohome!
You douche, you signed my guestbook!

And I piss in spam, so don't ever ever ever say anything about that in my house, ever again.
I've seen you in the Halo (1+2) forums, so i decided i would sign your guestbook. Damn, I gotta get me one of those stampy thingies.

gg aa mmmmmmm aa h h oooo l i ccc
g a a m m m a a h h o o l i c
g a a m m m a a hhhh o o l i c
g g a a aa m m m aaaaaa h h o o l i c
gg a a m m m a a h h oooo ll i ccc
You! You are a Green Day fan! You automatically earn a free stamp from me, The5thAvacado. Now I shall "walk alone" since I am a "Basket Case" and a "Minority." I can't wait until the "Holiday." My mom doesn't like holidays. "She" says they bring her "Misery." Well, I'll be seeing you "When I come Around."

(sorry for all that cheap humor)

Please sign me back!
Thanks for signing my book mate, thought I would repay the favour. Peace

Howdy, my names Moosetwik and i was bored so i signed your GB, so please sign back and check out this forum [link name=XionFire]*snip*/xionfire_forums[/link]

woot woot holla sup Sarge j ton reportin' fer dooty. trying to fill some space so..... a;ldkj;falk;lakj;klaj;fklaj;sdflka;alksdjf;lakdj;flkajd;flkajd;lfka;ldkf;alkjdf;lkaj

*this is my stamp*<---

dont worry this is not spam so dont worry about me spamming up your g-book. ok i wouldnt do that to you ever, ever.


you stamp me, so i stamp back... go me..
Hey man i saw you in the USA forum and thought it'd stop by and say hi. Oh yah Blink-182 does rock!!!!!!!!

cya around.
Yeah i'm just signing your guestbook because you signed mine. I kinda forget who you are too. oh well. Can't win 'em all. Now i have to do something that takes up 125 characters. Damn.
Hey there Sgt Tooth

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo
Thanks for signing my guestbook man, have a good day
Cheers for signing my guestbook, as I promised, I'll sign back .

Hope you like the banner I made for you:

(With the background provided by Vex)

I would make you a stamp but my Photoshop trial has run out .

I'll see you around.
I'm on Easter guestbook signing spree; I hope you get lots of Easter Eggs.

Please sign back, The GGs

+-+-+-+-Willow Vamp told BloodRayne to say Hi+-+-+-+-
Sign me back
Hey, thanks for signing my GB, I was just about to sign your, so you beat me to it, will can't wait till Halo 2.

I was just gonna sign and say thanks for postin a bunch in halo2 and bringin your thoughts to the forum. But then I read some of those deep thoughts of yours, some of them are damn funny. Are any/all of them original?


Stamped by:
I saw you is da Riddick forum fo shizz-nite!

If you gets da chizz-ance to sizz-ign my guestbood please do.

Know I do not have a mullet.
quote Military wannabe
And you call a can of poop as an avatar cool?
laeve teh dam poop avatr out of this!!!!!!!oneone!11111