Zayne Sgt Tooth
Jul 30, 07 11:19pm
You signed my guestbook back in 2003 even though I'd already gone inactive with this account.

Now, terrorist attacks have struck around the world, the war in Iraq worsens, Halo 2 came out, Halo 3 is about to come out, and nuclear weapons threaten to tremor the axis on which the static world turns.

...and I finally decide to log into an old account out of boredom, I see your stamp in my guestbook and I decide to repay the favor from 4 years ago.
italiangirl1101 Sgt Tooth
Aug 11, 05 9:06pm
i am so glad that i imed u .......cuz u r such a great person........sometimes abnormal but i can live with ya
DianWei04 Sgt Tooth
Jul 04, 05 2:09am
Doin some random signin. See you in da forums Sgt Tooth . Have a nice day!

Visit my neohome!
Mystery Sgt Tooth
Jun 18, 05 10:36pm
You douche, you signed my guestbook!

And I piss in spam, so don't ever ever ever say anything about that in my house, ever again.
gameaholic Sgt Tooth
Jun 02, 05 10:45pm
I've seen you in the Halo (1+2) forums, so i decided i would sign your guestbook. Damn, I gotta get me one of those stampy thingies.

gg aa mmmmmmm aa h h oooo l i ccc
g a a m m m a a h h o o l i c
g a a m m m a a hhhh o o l i c
g g a a aa m m m aaaaaa h h o o l i c
gg a a m m m a a h h oooo ll i ccc
The5thAvocado Sgt Tooth
May 11, 05 11:57pm
You! You are a Green Day fan! You automatically earn a free stamp from me, The5thAvacado. Now I shall "walk alone" since I am a "Basket Case" and a "Minority." I can't wait until the "Holiday." My mom doesn't like holidays. "She" says they bring her "Misery." Well, I'll be seeing you "When I come Around."

(sorry for all that cheap humor)

Please sign me back!
Steel Magnolia Sgt Tooth
Apr 04, 05 8:08pm
Thanks for signing my book mate, thought I would repay the favour. Peace

Moosetwik Sgt Tooth
Mar 29, 05 10:05am
Howdy, my names Moosetwik and i was bored so i signed your GB, so please sign back and check out this forum [link name=XionFire]*snip*/xionfire_forums[/link]

j ton Sgt Tooth
Mar 28, 05 5:29am
woot woot holla sup Sarge j ton reportin' fer dooty. trying to fill some space so..... a;ldkj;falk;lakj;klaj;fklaj;sdflka;alksdjf;lakdj;flkajd;flkajd;lfka;ldkf;alkjdf;lkaj

*this is my stamp*<---
Shinobi_razor Sgt Tooth
Mar 28, 05 5:05am

dont worry this is not spam so dont worry about me spamming up your g-book. ok i wouldnt do that to you ever, ever.
Spectator Sgt Tooth
Mar 27, 05 6:20am


you stamp me, so i stamp back... go me..
BLinK0 Sgt Tooth
Mar 27, 05 4:50am
Hey man i saw you in the USA forum and thought it'd stop by and say hi. Oh yah Blink-182 does rock!!!!!!!!

cya around.
Ironraven Sgt Tooth
Mar 27, 05 4:12am
Yeah i'm just signing your guestbook because you signed mine. I kinda forget who you are too. oh well. Can't win 'em all. Now i have to do something that takes up 125 characters. Damn.
jespomo Sgt Tooth
Mar 27, 05 2:32am
Hey there Sgt Tooth

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo
Liquidus Snake Sgt Tooth
Mar 25, 05 9:38pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook man, have a good day
Midness Sgt Tooth
Mar 25, 05 9:30pm
Cheers for signing my guestbook, as I promised, I'll sign back .

Hope you like the banner I made for you:

(With the background provided by Vex)

I would make you a stamp but my Photoshop trial has run out .

I'll see you around.
The GGs Sgt Tooth
Mar 25, 05 2:26am
I'm on Easter guestbook signing spree; I hope you get lots of Easter Eggs.

Please sign back, The GGs
Ffantasy_gamer Sgt Tooth
Oct 16, 04 2:34am
now sign mine or else Guestbook
DQ Maniac Sgt Tooth
Oct 05, 04 12:17am
Willow Sgt Tooth
Oct 04, 04 1:39pm

+-+-+-+-Willow Vamp told BloodRayne to say Hi+-+-+-+-
Sign me back
Dark Elite Sgt Tooth
Sep 17, 04 2:48am
Hey, thanks for signing my GB, I was just about to sign your, so you beat me to it, will can't wait till Halo 2.

slan45 Sgt Tooth
Sep 14, 04 11:26pm
I was just gonna sign and say thanks for postin a bunch in halo2 and bringin your thoughts to the forum. But then I read some of those deep thoughts of yours, some of them are damn funny. Are any/all of them original?


Stamped by:
Elite Sgt Tooth
Sep 09, 04 6:35pm
alphatyrone Sgt Tooth
Aug 23, 04 2:51am
I saw you is da Riddick forum fo shizz-nite!

If you gets da chizz-ance to sizz-ign my guestbood please do.

Know I do not have a mullet.
MozY MozBornE Sgt Tooth
Aug 18, 04 11:51am
quote Military wannabe
And you call a can of poop as an avatar cool?
laeve teh dam poop avatr out of this!!!!!!!oneone!11111