Severance blogged
Jan 5, 12 5:30pm

At long last I have decided to create a blog, the idea of voicing my opinions and ideas out into something I can look back over as the 
years go on, although that may not be the way if the Mayans have their way. Seeing as it's my first blog there isn't that much on it yet,
and with my first post there's not going to be much so allow me to tell you what to expect from me:

As a gamer the majority of my blogs will contain game information, games I am looking forward too, games I have played and enjoyed/hated
and the reasoning behind my decision. It may occasionally contain some more personal information, strange things in my life at that time
or whatever. Heck, it's my blog and I'll write about whatever I feel like :D Hopefully when my first proper blog is up it will contain
much more information. So until then, peace.


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