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Dec 29, 08 8:38am

Today I was playing some football with my friends, and during break to get water I was just staring at the trees imagining how they are connected with the Earth and how they grow all about, and how if I was looking from a bird-eye view I'd see these wondrous leafless trees everywhere consuming the Earth as they are stealing the life from it. My peer promptly questioned why I was dumbly transfixed on a group of trees and then it sort of hit me; I know why I'm staring at these trees, but why isn't anyone else?

I've always looked at things this way, but I guess I never before figured how stupid I must look (which is probably why for years people who don't know me too well have thought I was incredibly dumb or an avid stoner). But why are these average images so amazing to me and no one else? Well, I realized today that I'm inducing myself into a semi-hallucinatory state when I try and make real life more interesting. I'm not actually hallucinating, but I'm fusing my imagination with reality in a way that makes things seem much different than they are. Although the greatest feature of this is the feelings I can produce. For example, take my earlier story about the tree; when I wonder about it from a bird-eyes view, I actually feel as if I'm looking around the world at all the trees. It's pretty trippy actually. I've even looked at clouds before and made it seem as if rather than the cloud moving, everything was moving around the cloud. It's pretty hard to describe the feeling, but it's similar to being high (except you're sober of course).

But I'm sure no one here actually gives a flying shit, I just wanted to post this to see if anyone else does the same thing. Otherwise I might just be insane, because I don't know anyone else who views things like that.

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Seventh Blade blogged
Dec 10, 08 4:29am

Today in Debate, we were having mock debates to prepare for an upcoming tournament. In one of my rebuttal's, my value had been justice and I countered an opponent's argument by saying by his logic, slavery was justified. Afterwords, the captain said it was great that I brought it back to slavery, that's pretty much a trump card if I'm arguing why something is unjust.

That got me thinking: why is slavery unjust? Does it not strike anyone as odd that slavery just suddenly became unjust? Prior to the mid-18th century, for the most part, slavery was accepted. Few found it unjust. Take African slavery for example. Before the movement against it started, most people didn't care to respect any rights of these people. But once the movement started, many joined along, and as time went on it just became taught that slavery was evil.

I have two problems with that. One, slavery was abolished because of a movement. The rise of Hitler to power and the "horrible" things that happened under his reign were also because of a movement. So in one case a movement is good, in the other a movement is bad. That's how most people would respond if I compared the two cases. But why? They were both movements for change, many were involved in order to gain power/fortune in each, both had many members that felt what they were doing was justified. But it is because a majority of the people disagree with one movement that it is condemned.

Two, hypocrisy just rings out from it. Oh, of course, everyone will agree that slavery is wrong and those slaves deserved rights. But they're all fine with millions of animals being murdered each year for consumption.

Thus, the only reason slavery is seen as unjust now is because we are fed that it is wrong, and most people don't even think about why. They just feel it is wrong. However, back in ye good old days, most people didn't feel it was wrong. So whose right? Neither, of course. So it is neither unjust or just.

By the way, I probably have a severe flaw in my logic that I overlooked. If anyone catches, please do share.

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