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My.Neo History

I first joined Neoseeker on April 8 2005. The reason I joined is because I was submitted an FAQ for a game. It was accepted so then I began posting in game forums. I left Neoseeker for a couple of months. I returned back to Neoseeker on September to post in some forums. I found many intresting forums (listed in Favorite Forums) to post in. Since then I have contributed to the site as well.

My.Neo Favorite Forums

My.Favorite Neo Game Forums

My.Neo FAQ/Walkthroughs

Everything or Nothing [Gamecube]

  • CO-OP FAQ/Walkthrough
  • The Godfather [PS2]

  • FAQ/Walkthrough
  • My. Neo Graphics

    Programs: Gimp 2.2.9 & Gimp Animations

    Experience: 3 months

    Requests: No

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