i thought i'd sighn since as i was ere n snoopin around ur profile why? cuz i saw u in a forum.
oh well dont forget 2 sighn my g-book
cya around

I love my masters silver_tidus and sweet blossom. They pwned me so good.
It is great to be under their total control.
I wish I was their slave forever. They are never to harsh. Plus they give me punishment whenever I deserve. You should have them as your masters too. They are probably the best masters on all of Neoseeker. It is great to be on their leash.
I love my masters.
Mega ManRockscrash freak is the best though!Zero Kicks

Crocadile Hunter is the best though!
see ay!
<img src="http://img37.exs.cx/img37/6188/title9.jpg" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us" /> posted by
Well, I'll also sign your Guestbook to show gratitude.

[insert stamp here]

Oh, I almost forgot, when I need help, I'll be sure to ask you.

Damn, I hate this character thing. >_<


Same here! :}


My stamp is quite large... O well!

The One and Only......
Whaz up!Well just wanted ta sign ur gbook.I don't sign much because of the 125 chracter rule.I'll se u in the forum's.Well see ya later.Don't forget too sign mine too ya!
hi thanks for the banner. anyways I made a new stamp:

you've been signed by:


Sign mine back!?
I guess I saw you wondering around Pokemon Ruby forum so I guess I decided to sign your g-book

Hope you like it

Dont forget to sign my g-book

By the one and only
Hi! Can't think of anything to say except keep up the good work!

Hi Seto Kaiba. anluan04 here. It's hard to believe, but anluan is my real name. See you round on various forums.
Kaiba, nice to meet you finally! You wanted me to sign your questbook so I did! Stay cool man! Bye,
p.s. email at flamehaven1606@yahoo.com
Yo Mr. Seto! How ya do'in? Hey, btw, nice talk'in to ya for once!

See ya around!
Oi!Hello!Did you delete my entry?Or did I just not sign it?Oh wellz bye! -NM
Sign my Guest Book sometimes and here is my stamp:
Signed by ,
Happy Birthday to you!

I know what food you will give us...

Sticky worms!

Is your little brother safe from hands of M.P.?

I like also Yu-Gi-Oh!
I talk to u quite aln the forums so just wanted to congratulate u on ur 4th month exactly today from when u first became a member and 4 ur banner help. U've been

I'm just signing your g-book. Now that we are Neo- Brother and Sister!!! I hope you are doing great!!! It's a lot of fun talking to you!!! You're a great friend!!! I'll see you around

~*~ Animegirl: The Beautiful Angel ~*~
im running out of subjects here...

|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| Stupid Length Thingy |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|

Hi kiba i have seen you in a few Pokemon sapphire threads and there are alive because of you and you have that cool signature. I have signed your guestbook Sign mine:).
i love your quote if your strong you live if your weak you die!
anyway could you please sign my guest book.
im a big anime fan to!
i like ur little quote, the strong live the weak die.

its a boring day 
ive got nothing to do
except to get a load of retrds
and drive um to the zoo

load them on the bus
just for grass
count um on the road
steppin on the gas
count um on the road
just killed jimmy
count um on the road
with the retrds  screaming

one of them is blowing
a big spit bubble
slammed on the brakes
at the first sign of trouble
head on colission
bodies everywhere
head on colission

well l8trs
I see you around the Ruby/Sapphire forums and you'r pretty cool, so I dicided I'd sign you'r guestbook, so there it is!