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The U.S. department of transportation asks this question:

What has two wheels, improves mobility and air quality, reduces traffic congestion and parking demand, saves energy, and promotes healthy living through enjoyable exercise?


It is obviously a bicycle, the most efficient form of transportation.

Why pollute the earth and waste our resources by driving everywhere? I'm proud to say that I ride my bicycle as much as I possibly can. I travel more miles on my bike than in my car. It pays for itself in the money I save on gas and I love the fact that I am burning calories while I travel.

Who needs cars?

There are a lot of closed minded people who do not think that bicycles are an option for commuting. I know because I was once one of those people. Maybe it is because I had Huffy bikes when I was a kid lol (for those who do not know, Huffy is a brand that makes crappy bicycles that you can buy at toy stores).

Free yourself from oil

I realize that a bicycle may not be appropriate for everyone. You may live in an area that has no bike lanes or has terrible weather. Certain bikes can be used in the rain without issue but I drive my car when it rains.

The bottom line is that bikes are better than cars.

Cars are required to yield to bicycles