Apr 14, 14 4:42pm
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Dec 27, 12 8:22pm

you did a really god job especiailly the metal texture read more

Aug 11, 12 9:57am
added SerialZero as a friend
May 6, 10 4:41am

incredible. Was this the image that you saw in your head, or did it evolve as you were working I wonder . . . read more

Jun 28, 09 10:19pm

WOW! That's AMAZING!!!! U draw REALLY WELL!!! I love it! n_n read more

Jun 27, 09 3:23am

*faint* That's so good!!! read more

Sep 5, 08 1:43am

Looks very good great work read more

Aug 11, 08 2:21am

wow!!!!! thats amazing!!! I think youre really good! read more

Apr 17, 08 9:54pm

Thats badddd asssss!!! read more

Anonymous RPG Fan
Mar 5, 08 7:17pm

XD Hehe, I like it! I liked the way you colored it, too. I like the shirt. XD Haha, Gojyo and Hakkai... read more

Feb 12, 08 2:50am

i like this picture. i think yours is the best of the sessy ones done so far! keep up the good work! read more

James James
Nov 26, 07 5:29pm

Heh, very awesome. The subtle differences in style and the shading is what really makes me like this. Top job. ;D read more

Sep 14, 07 10:12pm

Nice work SZ! read more

Jul 7, 07 7:31pm

thats so ill.You have some mad skills. read more

Miss Razz
Jul 2, 07 11:17am

I thought it was Phoenix. He looks very fiery ^^

But it's a beautiful chocobo, anyways. *envies SZ's skill* read more

Anonymous RPG Fan
Jun 20, 07 8:32pm

Aw man, that's awesome! I dunno how to use water colors. XP It's cool. read more

Hell Fire
Jun 19, 07 6:07am

Wow, that's awesome. Well done ;P read more