you did a really god job especiailly the metal texture read more

incredible. Was this the image that you saw in your head, or did it evolve as you were working I wonder . . . read more

WOW! That's AMAZING!!!! U draw REALLY WELL!!! I love it! n_n read more

*faint* That's so good!!! read more

Looks very good great work read more

wow!!!!! thats amazing!!! I think youre really good! read more

Thats badddd asssss!!! read more

XD Hehe, I like it! I liked the way you colored it, too. I like the shirt. XD Haha, Gojyo and Hakkai... read more

i like this picture. i think yours is the best of the sessy ones done so far! keep up the good work! read more

Heh, very awesome. The subtle differences in style and the shading is what really makes me like this. Top job. ;D read more

Nice work SZ! read more

thats so ill.You have some mad skills. read more

I thought it was Phoenix. He looks very fiery ^^

But it's a beautiful chocobo, anyways. *envies SZ's skill* read more

Aw man, that's awesome! I dunno how to use water colors. XP It's cool. read more

Wow, that's awesome. Well done ;P read more