that you are indeed a girl (and not a flaming homo, like you originally claimed to be) I can't help but feel guilty for our somewhat terrible asshole-ness-ity towards eachother. Oh well. You're a girl! Congrats!

Just a random signing.

See ya round,
Zero Melfice told me to sign your GB.

there you go! sign my GB in return.
Hi Seraph,

Thanks a load for taking the time with my thread in Loungin', I know I'm fairly backwards when it comes to technology and you are a god. =)


Yes, she's awesome. I know. Wittiest comment EVAR plox.

Anyways, cya 'round Loungin'.
Hi, today I'm just doing random guestbook signings on 10 guestbooks and you're one of them. Congrats! (LOL)

Sorry, no stamps as I prefer the old-fashioned way of typing.

Please sign back
So much to say about you in so little time
well i got a while so here goes,
Your *bleep*ing Awesome!

Your Friend
I love how you make fun of people. I find it hilarious, you silly gay bully!

You make Loungin' more than just a cheerful Eutopia.

I think I found a Sereph follower named Winter Lotus. He seems to think hes as cool as you. Lets not let that happen

Put that noob in place, haha!


Sorry, but I'm not making a special stamp for you - deal with it.
Hey Sereph,

Despite the fact that you decided to take me off your friend's list, I still came here to sign your book.
Seeya Later!

STAMPS! From Red 9
I thought i'd sign your guestbook cause like others said, without you loungin', and other forums, would be boring.

So just stopped by to say w00t Sereph.....I guess i've made enough of a fool out of myself now.

Please sign mt GB, its horrifically empty

BTW, love the sig
I'm signing your guest book. why? I don't know.

You're awesome, you just are. People need someone like you in the Loungin'. With out you, I'd boring IMO. Al though, I'm pretty sure I'll get flamed by you haha! but I'll take it as an compliment since it'd from you.

Your banner is pretty sexy btw, people should admit it. Ha!

enjoy this sexy stamp which is sexier than your banner IMO =D

What's you think..? Isn't she sexy? I know you want a piece of her.

Take care bitch

Sana ~~~~
lol well I noticed your signature, and saw that my Corbin Fisher boytoy Lucas was on it and realized I had to sign your guestbook.

hahah well this is awkward. oh well...stamp time:

yes its a horrendous stamp, and no I wasnt high when I took the picture. XD
Yeah, your signature caught my attention so now I'm signing your guestbook. Benoit was one of my favorite wrestlers, but what he did forever tainted my opinion of him. Anywho:

You seem like a pretty radical dude <_<; Anyways seen you around in the BioShock forum so I thought I'd sign.

See you around.
I figured I'd sign your guestbook because...uh.....I can. Gears of War FTW!!
Warning: Candy may contain sawdust.
That is a great line. Well, see ya around the forums and IRS.
I am honoured at having the ability to amuse you. For saying that, you get a signing...

It's only appropriate by my book, anyways, I thought and thought of what I should type up aside from thanks but couldn't think of much else so...

thanks for signing my Guestbook, here is your signing back (I can't stamp)
Well thanks for the comment on my Global Warming epic post and I'd like to say that you've made a few very epic posts in the past.

See ya on the boards and stuff..

I've no stamp.

Ha! Now you have girl cooties on you.

I loved your guestbook signing. Thank you very much for it. In return, you get so extra craziness in yours:

The following is an excerpt from the play "Of potatoes and their uses."

"A potato may be a lonely creature by nature, but he more than makes up for it with his starchy potato goodness. POTATIFICATION POWERS ACTIVATE!!"

This has been a presentation of "Of potatoes and their uses." Thank you.

Always good to see you in the forums Sereph, long may you stalk. You can whistle for the $10 though
I only made the confrontation because I knew it was gonna be funny, as I did get a laugh out of it or two
Regardless, I apologize for being an ass, I was in need of a laugh.
But I don't blame you, I mean, I bet you were all like "Square watermelon? Waddya nuts?!"

And now, I make my departure.
You my friend just got stamped by the simster, honorable GDI logo is patched onto your clothing/guest book.

And nice forum posting ways, see ya in the forums.