So i've been SR'ing for a shiny Latias for a few days now in Alpha sapphire and just got this latias timid - mischie

Hi After much trading, i've almost finished my Vivillon pattern collection But one i haven't gotten, but really w

Hi I have dragon safari with Noibat, Druddigon and Gabite Looking for Bug Safari with Vivillon Thanks in advance FC in

Hi! So, i've been looking for new Vivillon patterns! So far i have Continental, Meadow, Modern. Elegant and Polar..

Second FC ^^ Y-FC: 0404-7016-9508 IGN for YGC: Daniel

Hey all.. I'm still missing a few legendary pokemon for pokedex entries FT 6IV shiny Mew (2) 6IV Victini (1) 5IV A


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