Congrates, you are one of the chosen ones that has been...err, well randomly chosen to be stamped because I'm on one of my signing sprees.

Best wishes to you, you very random person you!!
Hey, I saw you signed Cute Chao's (my best mate)guestbook, so I'll sign yours. (ps could you sign mine? Please?)*Always willing to talk about Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy VII)*

Thanks for signing my guestbook! I hope you liked the banner I made you... Well, anyway, here's a stamp for your guestbook:
Vito SephirothRulerOfEvil
Jan 13, 06 6:06am

haha have a great year.... and stuff.... well this sucks that you need a certain amount of letters...
simomatic SephirothRulerOfEvil
Dec 14, 05 5:26am
Hes checking his list and his checking it twice. That's right the DeltaWolf leader says your on the good list! So you get my San Andreas Christmas stamp.^^

Ello! Here is my brand new Halloween stamp, enjoy!

Mill Mill SephirothRulerOfEvil
Oct 4, 05 5:22pm
Hey dude, hope that Mercs FAQ helped you. STAMP!

Sucks how I never see you in the forums I go to anymore unless I'm blind. Here's my new stamp. See you soon.
rajput SephirothRulerOfEvil
Sep 16, 05 11:27pm
Good to see I'm not the only guy who follows Thompson's actions so closely.
Wish I knew how to make a great pic but I can't so I'll just type stuff till I get the 125 character limit.
Jack Thompson può succhiare miei belino!

Hey I see your alot around the san andreas and lcs forum and decided to stamp your guestbook. Yeah I notice you dislike jack thompson and I don't blame you. If he can read what I wrote in italian up there he might throw me in jail lol, See you around.
Thanks for signing my guestbook!!

I don't know about the stamps either, so don't worry, ur not the only one.

~FinalfantasyX Girl
Thanks for signing my g/book dude. I haven't got a stamp right now because I have only just requested one. You should check my neohome. Comment it aswell.
spark plug SephirothRulerOfEvil
Aug 26, 05 1:26am
Just sign' ppl's books that I see, and I must say I love the idea of Sephiroth having a Hillery Duff avatar, lol, I hope I see you around neo...
ironhammer SephirothRulerOfEvil
Aug 21, 05 3:57pm
hi thanks for signing mine dont worry me Billybob and the other stalkerz will keep G.S.S alive

G.S.S 4 life

oh yeah and i cant do stamps either
Thanks for signing mine
And just cos everyone hates jack...

You have been assimilated by Jack Thompson. We will add your biological and distinctive characteristics to our own. Your culture will adapt and service me. Resistance is futile.

I hope you enjoy Version 2.0 of my sig and sign back.
Signed, the Family Rights Activists.
Oh, let me stamp you once more. You love Hilary Duff, so, allow me to hate on her:

(if anyone is offended by the material on this stamp then tough titties, kiss my ass)

Luv u Todd!
Hey sweetheart! I am just gonna test out my new stamp. The shark one was getting a wee bit old.

Love You!
lordevil SephirothRulerOfEvil
Aug 11, 05 8:43pm
Hey, I've seen you around before and I know that you probably won't sign back, but I'm signing your GB anyway.

See ya.

From the one and only,
Matt J SephirothRulerOfEvil
Aug 10, 05 6:06pm
hey Seph im signing a few guestbooks at the moment. hope i see you around on the SA forums and at future gta forums~ if Thompson doesn't get his own way lol.

Sign back plz.


Dinosoid SephirothRulerOfEvil
Jul 24, 05 7:34pm
Mmmm... Love your banner.
You should made one that has all three faggets on it, targets all over them, and says PUBLIC EMEMY #1, #2, #3. LOL.
I see that you are a big GTA fan so am I. Infact, today is my birthday and I'm gonna get GTA SA on PC and see if I can get the Hot Coffee mod. LOL.

Hey! I already signed urs, but I made us a very special stamp!

Love you lots, baby!
Hello Evil one! Have a cookie ,cookies are good.

Cookies are good here have one.......

...Cookies *Drool*....

Yeah Cookies are good.

Random Pictures are fun too..

You have been signed...
Hi Ruler of Evil. How's life? Just stopping by to say hi and I hope we can become good friends!
See ya around! Oh, and don't forget to tell me about your favorite games. And it would be cool to meet your other friend GothicGirl. You should introduce us sometime.

I decided to sign your guestbook since you don`t have alot of signings so here`s a KH stamp!