sonynerfed Sephiroth35
Jul 9, 13 9:49pm
Sold another pack of HP to him, very fast, and had no problems. Thanks
Funny13ones Sephiroth35
Jul 6, 13 10:37am
Fast legit buyer
paresh69905 Sephiroth35
Jul 5, 13 10:46pm
it was smooth and easy transacition. I recommend this guy to everyone. Pleasure doing business!!
sonynerfed Sephiroth35
Jul 3, 13 10:53pm
First time selling HP for RoB, and he went through the steps one by one. Very professional. I went first and he paid me once he received the items.

Gordo303 Sephiroth35
Jun 29, 13 11:07pm
So happy to have this buyer he was quick and very easy going looking forward to selling to him again
neotrav Sephiroth35
Jun 14, 13 6:59am
far away there lived a noble honest HP dealer named Sepiroth and a great man he was. For he was the best dealer in the land and many a man came and went through his shop but never one left unhappy. I too met this man and struck a deal with him for 1200 HP and I shall never forget that day. The day I knew that heroes still existed. For he was a jolly good fellow and nobody can deny......... and nobody can deny.
neotrav Sephiroth35
May 29, 13 12:31am
I said it once and I will say it again. I WOULD SUCK THIS GUYS DICK YO!
dub-helix Sephiroth35
May 16, 13 11:29am
Excellent service and a super accommodating seller! you cannot go wrong with this guy.

Pleasure doing business you mate!
Shutterbug Sephiroth35
May 15, 13 7:57pm
Buyer with quick responses and payment. Really legit.
saisaris Sephiroth35
May 11, 13 11:43pm
deal so smoothly thanx
i will buy later
sennaloli Sephiroth35
May 10, 13 10:31pm
it was very easy 100%
joanjo27 Sephiroth35
May 9, 13 3:43pm
Will deal with him some more... Thx man!
Heavymettle Sephiroth35
May 6, 13 11:28pm
Very efficient and easy transactions. Great seller.
cardmancoll Sephiroth35
May 6, 13 5:55pm
Fast, trustworthy, and amazing seller. Transaction was smooth and fast. Highly recommend him!
dub-helix Sephiroth35
May 6, 13 10:37am
Fast, legitimate & friendly seller. Highly recommended!
robcardtrader Sephiroth35
May 3, 13 11:24pm
Great and legit seller, fast in response. Look forward for more deals in future
RussianBoots Sephiroth35
May 1, 13 12:50pm
Trade went smoothly
firesnake Sephiroth35
Apr 28, 13 10:18pm
Fast service, certainly recommened!
Keaks Sephiroth35
Apr 28, 13 9:16pm
Very good buyer, very fast and efficient. money received even quicker.
edaygo Sephiroth35
Apr 27, 13 10:18pm
very recommended trader to trade with, this guy has a great reputation in rage of bahamut forum. I dont hesitate to make my first transaction with him.
Bellcross Sephiroth35
Apr 25, 13 8:41pm
Nice and easy transaction. Trusted trader
Prometheus1 Sephiroth35
Apr 23, 13 8:46pm
Smooth transaction, very quick. Will definitely do business again.
Shutterbug Sephiroth35
Apr 19, 13 11:09am
Very prompt in responding. Not to mention polite. Very much legit. Thanks for the great deal! Hope to do more business with you soon.
Towerofpain Sephiroth35
Apr 18, 13 2:30pm
Great seller will buy agin
Gaebril Sephiroth35
Apr 17, 13 10:58pm
Great buyer! Quick, clean, efficient, and trustworthy.