I try to be funny, hope I can make you laugh. I'm a hpeless romantic.


I... like good video games, namely RPG's, 2-D shooters with lots of weapons and powerups, and basically any game with a good story. I like talking with people and typing stories. And lastly about the tech world... communication and online play.


The secret to life is, live your life how you want, and don't let anyone force you to live differently, if you submit to them, your not living the way you want, and are not going die happy.
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Review: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Majora's Puzzle of fun!! Really!

Feb 23, 2004

The mask swithching is a lot of fun, however can seem pointless at times. The heart piece collecting is there. Being able to change into a deku shrub, not very fun, Goron, fast. as hell., and Zora: the best of them all baby! Is incredibly fun....

Geoffrey Chambless


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