I did not hear of you until I made my name. My brother and I have always played Legend of Zelda, and Zelda was always my favorite character. "Why else would they name a game after her if she wasn't awesome?" was always my logic. I always thought it would be cool to be the owner of that Triforce, to be all-wise. My brother wanted courage. I'm not stealing your name and I didn't hack you, just to let you know. I think that's really bad about your last account, and I know how that feels. Anyway, this is just thanks for signing my guestbook. I don't have a stamp, sorry, so here's Kirby!

I know that's lame; it's all I got.
Mario_1 Senator Jawbreaker
Jun 07, 09 12:22am
Thanks for takin' the time to greet me and sign my GB! Much appreciated, so now I'm doing the same in return!

Have a good summer!