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16 hours ago Hey dudes, so I'm gonna make a new Skyrim char

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Oct 04, 15 2:00am

So, I did her introductory mission and recruited Quiet but how long before I can actually bring her on missions? Is there a s

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Sep 30, 15 5:04pm

So, I've only had the game for a few days and it's pretty damn good. It's also the first MGS I've played sinc

LauraEye Seldom
Sep 10, 15 5:28pm
Hey, do you have an xbox and or a WiiU and would like to play vidja games with my Saturday night? : D
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Sep 09, 15 3:16pm

so, yeah they *bleep*ing suuuuck. Some notable examples for me personally include when I first got Fable 2, played it to d

LauraEye Seldom
Sep 06, 15 3:45am
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Jul 29, 15 12:37am

--Quote The Telegraph-- Cecil EXCLUSIVE: A

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Jul 13, 15 1:49am

I used to lurk here a lot and it's sad how dead it's gotten. Let's try and make it more active and raise some dis

Jul 09, 15 12:44am
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