"A tinge of sarcasm, a dash of self evaluation and a pinch of humor. Cook for a while and you'll have him ready to be served" said a junior on my school farewell party.
I am a Gemini. The Twins. If you know about them, you don't have to know about me. A witty and a sarcastic smartass. Quiet, nosy, stupid and forgetful. Mean and rude but caring.
These are just a few words which gives an outline of my personality. I may seem like an introvert but there is also another side of me. Once I get close to people, I become a happy-go-lucky and a cheerful guy. I am also moody. I deal with people the way they deal with me. You be nice and I'll be twice as nice to you. You try to piss me off, I make your life a living hell. Tit for tat it is simple as that.
As for my personal life, I am a student. Intelligent and mostly the top scorer. A good athlete. I am also a Radio Jockey. This is why I like to meet new people, write and discuss about them. I am a diehard gamer. Started gaming at the age of 4, still doing it. If there is anything about games do not hesitate to ask me. If you want my company, feel free to use the tiny little PM button. You are most welcome. I also want to let you know that I am not the kind of guy who says "Hi" first unless something about you impresses me. This concludes my biography. If you are still reading this, I reckon you are just a guy with simply no life at all. But still, thank you for wasting 5 minutes of your precious life.


From Atari to Sony to Microsoft. Playstation 3. Xbox 360. Horror movies. Animes. Football, Snooker and chess.
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