luffyluffy Seeker X
Oct 4, 12 11:44pm
yeah but i've HAD your msn in there for ages now, it's been saying "email account hacked" and you've been offline for like 11111 years so i figured you got a new one??? and my PMs shouldn't be blocked check YOURS

and yeah I REALLY LOVE OCELOT AND BIG BOSS AND OTACON AND SOLID but liquid can go AWAY after what he did to miller and gray fox ajsdjsdjkgdfklhj
luffyluffy Seeker X
Oct 4, 12 9:31pm
hideo kojima ruined my life and it's all your fault for telling me to get mgs3ds thanks a lot
Jaw Knee Seeker X
Jun 10, 08 2:26am
Your interests section is amazing and hilarious. See you around. Now I *bleep*ing hate that goddamn guestbook entry rule bullshit.
luffyluffy Seeker X
Mar 8, 08 1:49am
It's about time I stamped you! First of all: Holy crap! This entire time You havent been on my friends list. Two: New avatar? You never tell me these things and it pisses me off! Three: Attempting to use Vicious to revitalize my slowly crumbiling Bebop high.

In other news I'd like to say Thanks for putting up with me alot of times Heh. I know I can be annoying but Thats why I'm loveable! So here you go. A brand new stamp! With Vicious on it! 8D

You'll be good with some carrots!

You better sign me back >.>
Angelic Serenity Seeker X
Feb 7, 08 8:41am
Thanks for the completely awesome chats we've had, hopefully they'll be a lot more in the near future. You're awesome and absolutely NOT a jerk.XD

We all have those crappy days, right? When everything seems to fall apart and nothing goes right? I found that, even during those times, a little smile goes a long way.

So if you're ever having one of those days, try it out. I want you to be happy and ! Why? Because I sure as hell smile lots when I'm talking to you.^-^

Oh, and if you don't smile?...

I'm gonna kick your arse.X3

Lots of hugs,
TheGirlGamer Seeker X
Jan 30, 08 9:16am
LoL its a work in progress
Yeah Ada from Resident Evil 4...]
TheGirlGamer Seeker X
Oct 21, 07 8:43am
You couldn't possibly be Alias 14 ...
Just wanted to say Hi and find you on Neo
Not that hard to find a guy that lives in FL on Cris's profile
criscrazy Seeker X
Aug 25, 07 7:28pm
What's goinng on??
Here's to you bro-
Sungod Okami Seeker X
Mar 17, 07 3:46am

Hey! I've seen you around, and I want to be Neofriends. Please stamp back and add me to your Neofriends list. Much appreciated!
Stuy Seeker X
Jan 26, 07 9:40pm
Hey Alias 14, visto usted alrededor, y usted consiguio mi respecto. [=

Tome cuidado! ;]
DenniseA Seeker X
Jan 26, 07 12:20am
Signing Spree! (:

Yes, it's that time of the year again. xD

Sign back or else.... you don't get a cookie! O:


Gta_Kh2 freak Seeker X
Jan 24, 07 2:38am
Wow, you're signin' in for Krystal? (Thats the fox name in the siggy) Anyways, yeah, if you wanna say. I barely posted in the forums, and more like read the posts that other members posted, such as yourself. Now I just wanna chat with other people, lol. So I was there, even though I wasn't. Yeah, that confuzzled ya, eh? Lol, anyways. Thx for signin' my G-Book! She might come over, lol...*Imagination can go really far*

The Hero Hartmut Seeker X
Jan 14, 07 4:58am
Since you're part of the RE4 forum, my mistress, Memory of Eileen (a lovely thing she is, too) has me signing your guestbook! Aren't you lucky?

The above is what my super-special-awesome-sexy mistress has done to you. If you're lucky, she might even talk to you, and then you shall know my joy.

Have a nice day.
ProfessorMaple Seeker X
Jan 9, 07 3:27am

Tom Seeker X
Jan 8, 07 7:14pm
Hello. I am the humble slave of Lord Supernouva. Lord Supernouva is the supreme ruler of the world, and his wish his my command. He is superior to me in everyway, and I am pleased to be his servant.

Chain Chomp Seeker X
Jan 5, 07 11:49am
Wow, nice avy. I thought I was pretty much the only one around here that watched that show...

Well, I guess that's all I wanted to tell ya... see ya around then.
Memory of Eileen Seeker X
Dec 22, 06 1:19am
Hey, I thought and I'd say Merry Christmas to you, my good friend!

And Happy New Year!

Hope you're all enjoyed this special holiday and have fun with your beloved families and friends!

With much love,
SunnyDelight Seeker X
Nov 9, 06 4:44am
Missed talking to you my son. But at least I can give you my new stamp.

Homunculus Lover Seeker X
Oct 20, 06 11:49am

I made this for was the little secret yesterday...

Hope you like it! Remember, try and enjoy it. Have fun
supreme kai Seeker X
Oct 20, 06 10:28am
No one escapes me!

Happy Birthday Jack!!

Happy Birthday Jackass!!

From me and one from Vero too!

Bitch, ya never said anything
Homunculus Lover Seeker X
Oct 11, 06 3:01pm
*grins broadly* Your humble abode won't seem so nice with you know who around deary.

A reminder to you....she'll always be there, JJ. Waiting, watching and torturing! XD
Chief Seeker X
Oct 4, 06 1:07am
I have all the silent hill games just cant play my sh2rd edition on my 360. I will probaly just end up waiting though I am gett the Wii soon and need enough money to get the games which is easy, but I will be flat broke on that day. Hopefully Microsoft puts the game as playable very soon. Like on their next update.
Chief Seeker X
Oct 3, 06 4:36am
I have never said I was going to buy a xbox to play Silent Hill2. I used to have the ps2 version but my ps2 broke down and could not bring myself to buy another one. I only have the Xbox version which is better anyways, a shaem they take so long, but if the next update does not have sh2 on it I will buy a xbox to play it then I will be able to play every single one of the games. I have the first silent hill game on my pc, then silent hill2 for xbox, then silent hill3 for the pc, and silent hill4 for the xbox. I cant wait till silent hill5 comes out for the 360, and maybe even the wii with different functions.
Memory of Eileen Seeker X
Oct 1, 06 11:04pm
Hey Granddaddy!!!
Long time no talkin' to ya!
What's up? Did you have fun with your friends and familes lately?
I hope so!
Here's the stamp for ya!

Peace out!
And you'd better sign back my guestbook or ELSE!!!
Ya heard me??

Love always,
Memory of Eileen
supreme kai Seeker X
Aug 27, 06 2:18am
Hey Jack, random signin bud... Here's the incredible Orange El Gigante *insert annoying XD smiley here*

Cya around man