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Sep 20, 15 10:37pm
I'm not aware of something here >.>
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May 5, 15 6:56pm

Because procrastination is the best way to revise So, i have my first important exams next week, and since i've had an

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Apr 26, 15 10:01am

Okay, so ive been doing research, for competitive battling, as i've had little experience in this section of Pokemon. i

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Apr 23, 15 5:33pm

Does anyone else look at the origin and the history behind Pokemon? Like, finding out what the Pokemon is based off and where

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Feb 9, 15 4:56pm

As the title says, Star Wars Vs. Lord Of The Rings? At school, we've been having this discussion at school (involving

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Jan 3, 15 10:38am

So im just having a look on eBay for games and stuff, and i happen to stumble omto this particular seller, who is selling a 6


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