Hi! I've only got a few more pokemon to complete my dex, would anyone be willing to trade evolve some pokemon for me pl

FT: Adamant Diancie Shiny Mankey - Jolly, 5 IV Shiny Stantler - Calm/ Intimidate Shiny Kingdra - Bold/Sniper Shiny Fle

Pokes I'd like. c: Sunkern, Misdreavous, Pineco, Snorunt, Spheal, Kricketot, Turtwig, Cherubi, Shellos, Buneary, Glameow

Really not sure how to go about this to ensure which of the three options I get? Looking for the quickest method of doing

Hey guys, I loathe doing this, especially as I only really live on the Pokemon forums here, but my silly boyfriend went and

Hey guys. My main thing here is I'm in dire need of evolutionary stones. Ideally I'd like 2 per 4IV, 3 for a 5IV po

FT: SMR2010 Jirachi (1IV - HP) Looking for Diance but open to other offers so shoot. c: I also have a GAME Charizar

I got as far as beating the elites and getting this fella in order to trade from SS to poke bank and moved Zekrom over too

Hey guys, I was wondering if someone could help me out a little with Pokebank and not so legit pokemon. Mainly my questio

Could do with this little guy, but not sure what exactly it's worth. GTS is full of them but only requesting legendarie

I have too many Chimchars. Help. Some are HA, some are 3IV, all are excess. Let me know if you want one. :P

Open to offers. Would love a Mew or a legend from the below list... Needed:: Jirachi Kyogre Groudon Victini Regigigas

Hey guys, I've been trying to breed a perfect Chimchar but have hit a snag....I've maxed three stats but have no one

I kinda screwed up breeding and have like 4 Feebas I want to shift if anyone would like to make me an offer? I am particul

Hi guys. I'm thinking of trading my Blaziken with its mega stone seeing as it's just sitting in a box. I'm larg

Hi chaps, So I want to fill my Dex, but I still need a ton of legendaries. I was wondering what they tend to be worth? Not

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