May 23, 16 10:49pm

Dovahclean, dovahclean, restores your armor's lost sheen! read more

May 05, 16 12:15pm

you forgot to say please read more

Apr 01, 16 11:23pm

I don't think sirens say whoop-whoop. read more

Tommy Vercetti
Mar 14, 16 9:05am

quote Scott Cee
This is good news.
Since Molyneux parted ways with Microsoft a while ago, now he can...
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Feb 26, 16 10:38am
added Scott Cee as a friend
Feb 16, 16 6:43pm

quote Scott Cee
I want to ride mammoths!
Never change.

quote Scott Cee
Also, the twist is that it's...
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Lesley Pro_04
Feb 15, 16 8:53pm

I've deal with anxiety for years as part of Asperger's Syndrome, as well as on-and-off workplace... read more

Feb 08, 16 2:57am

I don't remember who you are now that you are avatar-less... which one was you? read more

Dec 22, 15 10:33pm

Not a fan?? I enjoyed Ted but I am a Marky Mark fangirl read more

Dec 22, 15 10:19pm

'Cause it's Seth McFarlane? =p read more

Dec 22, 15 6:27am

I just bought Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the ring for $1 on VHS. read more

Dec 21, 15 6:19pm

This assumes that you DO know everything. Which the better half of our population would classify as wrong. read more

Dec 09, 15 9:12am

Assuming you do things right and your actions remain justified then yes. read more

Captain Nerditude
Nov 05, 15 12:19am

You're right. It's a year. read more

Nov 04, 15 5:51pm

quote Scott Cee
What does S.W.E.E.T. stand for?
Brian Connolly, because a lot of women in the game resemble him. read more

Oct 31, 15 12:37pm

. H͉͚̦̭̼͚ͨ̏̊̉̀͡͝A̡̗̟͎͓̰̿͒͛͞I̿͆̑̒̂͒҉̬̲̹L̝̰̘̎͐́͊... read more

Sep 09, 15 7:18pm

Happy bday best bro in the whole world. What have you done so far or what are you planning to do as a celebration? read more

Sep 09, 15 11:57am

Go to hell you old bastard

(<3) read more

Ciel Phantomhive
Sep 09, 15 11:51am

Well, happy birthday! read more

Sep 09, 15 7:58am

Happy Birthday! read more