What about a bacon grilled cheese? I don't like tomato in sandwiches or as a soup. read more

next time you're there go to the lost and found and see if anyone brought it in. read more

He can die suffocated by the pompoms of a thousand naked bisexual nymphomaniac cheerleaders after a 1000 year long orgy. read more

Have you done any drinks of Barenjager?

Because you should. It's amazing. read more

It wasdone for the cartoon so the viewer could identify each turtle by the colour of there band. Full of useless info me read more

added Scott Cee as a friend

Ah THAT part. Get ready to run like hell. Once you set off that timer that level is a bitch. read more

If you're facing them in Enemy Within, the flamethrower is very much your friend. Yes, the... read more

Uhoh. You're best off skipping most of season 2. Unless you really really like people sitting... read more

I shouldn't have even commented, I don't watch Walking Dead. >.> Ignore the random creepo who just... read more

So it is. Of course it's completely pointless due to how expensive the process is... read more

Yeah, but Harry Potter and the Philosophers' Hadron Collider doesn't have the same ring to it read more