I don't think it matters where you live in the UK as those are all symptoms of said country. read more

added Scott Cee as a friend
added Scott Cee as a friend

My cousin's out taking an arrow to the knee, and what do I get? Curved swords and a cake that is a lie. read more

So you didn't take a cake to the knee and you're actually fine? Thank jebus. read more

Don't you mean fell?
Also, what were you staying up for? read more

What about a bacon grilled cheese? I don't like tomato in sandwiches or as a soup. read more

next time you're there go to the lost and found and see if anyone brought it in. read more

He can die suffocated by the pompoms of a thousand naked bisexual nymphomaniac cheerleaders after a 1000 year long orgy. read more

Have you done any drinks of Barenjager?

Because you should. It's amazing. read more