Aug 15, 15 2:34pm

where do I sign up read more

Jul 03, 15 5:16pm

quote Scott Cee
That's a hell of a deal. You'd have been a fool not to.

My brother from the other... read more

Jul 03, 15 4:56pm

quote Fluidity
Ew no.

no to what?

quote Scott Cee
Should have got a PS4 bro, like all the cool kids.
I... read more

Jun 16, 15 5:59pm

quote Scott Cee
I wonder if you can dig down to Hidden Fun Stuff and flood your trading depot with...
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May 21, 15 6:00pm
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Selig Hecht
May 20, 15 2:35am
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May 16, 15 2:32pm

In the Chinese language, Kindergarten Cop translates to either "King of Devil Children" or "Devil... read more

Mar 11, 15 12:17am
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Feb 18, 15 5:19am

My unshaven face's stubble, cosmetically a struggle, itchy, constantly growing, and then, the razor flies, lets cuddle. read more

Kushluk Shimazu
Feb 17, 15 6:54am

I hope I drink enough to see the Imp dancing on his father's grave >= ) read more

Feb 17, 15 4:35am

Does death from liver failure count as a half-victory? read more

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Feb 02, 15 1:19am
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Dec 11, 14 12:35am

You call your wang your face? [/obligatory] read more

Nov 13, 14 12:30am

My impression of the UK was that not getting rained on is more status-worthy read more

Nov 12, 14 7:08pm

What happened to an umbrella brother? read more

Nov 01, 14 1:08am

I'm not altogether convinced that being bad at darts is a bad thing. Being good at them implies... read more

Nov 01, 14 12:51am

it took them years to reach where they stand, it will take you half the time to be better than... read more

Nov 01, 14 12:30am

broskiees you need to step your game up. It hurts to see that you are not winning. first an old... read more