My unshaven face's stubble, cosmetically a struggle, itchy, constantly growing, and then, the razor flies, lets cuddle. read more

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My impression of the UK was that not getting rained on is more status-worthy read more

I'm not altogether convinced that being bad at darts is a bad thing. Being good at them implies... read more

it took them years to reach where they stand, it will take you half the time to be better than... read more

broskiees you need to step your game up. It hurts to see that you are not winning. first an old... read more

I don't think it matters where you live in the UK as those are all symptoms of said country. read more

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added Scott Cee as a friend

My cousin's out taking an arrow to the knee, and what do I get? Curved swords and a cake that is a lie. read more

So you didn't take a cake to the knee and you're actually fine? Thank jebus. read more